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The Only Hotel In The World Allowing You To Sleep In Two Countries At The Same Time

This is not a joke and hotel Arbez is really like that. If you are one of those travelers who is trying to mark off most of the destinstions, consider staying in this place as you will mark off two countries at the same time : France and Switzerland.


The trick is that the Hotel Arbez is located just on the French-Swiss border, if to be more exact, the border goes right though the hotel and you can see the lines in some of the rooms. Which means, that if you sleep in some of the rooms, basically you sleep in two countries at the same time, how weird is that, right?

There is a perk for honeymooners as well: if you book a suit, the border runs through the bed, so one of you can sleep in France, while the partner spends a night in Switzerland. You can do anything you want in two countries at the same time. Sounds intriguing right?

The restaurant in the hotel is also divided into two halves, while one is serving French cuisine, the other half can enjoy the Swiss. Perfect combination.

Besides this mystical fact about its location, the hotel has actually a great history, as it was built before the border was set between the countries, which was announced in 1862 and originally was a grocery shop. During the second World War it served as a shelter for refuges and French Resistance fighters.

It has become a hotel only in 1921 by Jules-Jean Arbeze. This is exactly how the hotel that’s located in two countries has emerged. Nowadays, the hotel is very popular among the tourists who like to play around and jump from one country to another.


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