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The Airbnb Floating Hotel With Incredible Views Of The Great Barrier Reef

The Airbnb launched a promotional contest and soon the winners will be announced, where the lucky  family will have a chance to spend unforgettable night floating atop of Australia Barrier Reef. The location of the renting reef is paradise like with incredible weather around, picturesque views  and a perfect location for snorkeling and enjoying the rich underwater world.


Just be careful cause the floating has no walls, so if you are a nightwalker, it might be a slight issue. But sleeping in such open spaced room on top of the coral world and spending time by the greatest reef is truly unbelievable experience. The Great Barrier reef is a home for a hundred of species of jellyfish, mollusks, 500 different worms, thousands of different fishes , sharks and rays. And somewhere in those deep and clear waters there is even a Blue Tang.

The Airbnb made some funny rules about renting as well, like no clownfish jokes and you have to talk like whales during your stay. We will be looking forward to find out the lucky winners and see the detailed report from the place of action!



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