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Take A Peek Inside The Airline Cabins Of The Future

Every second traveler is wishing to have more space while flying, to stretch their legs and have enough space for the hands, right? Future of Aviation explores the next leaps in the world of travel. Starting from jet technology to passenger experiences in order to make flight experience better.


If you have a look at the pictures from 1960-s, you will be astonished to see passengers sipping champagne in very spacious cabins. But is this real or? It might look exactly the same, but now passengers are looking for more technologies available on board of the aircraft rather than space for chatting and having a cocktail, that’s why the whole concept of flying is different. Have a look at these innovations waiting for us in the future:
Personalized inflight entertainment.


Phones and gadgets have become a significant part of people, and while many airlines already use phones to send you notification and alerts through Facebook even, the better part is waiting for you onboard of the aircraft. When it comes to long hours flights, some entertainment is needed, what is available now could perfectly be connected with passenger’s device. Some of the airlines implement the embedded entertainment systems altogether with no internet required, you just have to connect your device to the in-plane network.
Captive audience.


The AirFi company from Netherlands is mostly providing short flights with no entertaining systems available. But there is a wireless system that beams pre-loaded content onto passenger devices. It is a sort of inflight magazine, as you can choose the movies, order food and shop duty free.
Virtual reality.


Many of the airlines are struggling to keep their passengers away from Netflix or Amazon, as they have nothing more interesting to offer instead. Such airlines as Transavia, a low cost subsidiary of Air France/KLM, and Australian carrier Qantas have been testing virtual reality technology as an alternative to traditional in flight entertainment.
Perfect seat


One of the most desired wishes of the passengers is having a comfortable seat, and it is reality already, as Qantas has already rolled out VR sets for first class passengers on some flights. No matter how much entertainment you are going to have onboard you won’t enjoy it unless the seat is cozy and comfy, right?
Cinema style seating


One of the innovations is waiting for the economy class, the idea was proposed by Aviointeriors. The Italian based company is looking for the economy class  seat that folds automatically up when empty, making moving process around the plane much easier. Plus it will make an impression of watching a movie while flying, as the seats are designed the same way as in the cinemas.
Sleeping rooms.


White is also behind Air Lair, a concept of sleeping pods that immerse premium travelers in a futuristic cocoon with adjustable light, sound and temperature. The Zodiac Aerospace team sees the potential in using the cargo space and area between the storage bins to equip with bunks. Such innovations require tons of investment and focus will be available on certain airlines only. Airbus’s Wuggetzer says there’s potential to develop powerful strategies to produce standout cabin features, even in economy class.
We are going to wait for the time when all these features will be available for both classes and making our flights enjoyable experience, with no jet lag and headaches!


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