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Natural Wonders Of Ukraine: Pink Lake In Kherson Region

This beautiful lake filled with pink water looks like a Martian landscape – but is actually in Ukraine. The good news is that colour is not the result of chemicals being dumped in the lake but nature, working its magical tricks!

This magical lake is found in village Heroiske, Kínburn Foreland or Kinburn Spit – a spit in Ochakiv district of Mykolaev region at the Black Sea in Ukraine. Kinburn foreland is a unique natural complex of Lower-Dnipro sands consisting of mosaics of sandy steppes, various wetlands and artificial pine plantations. It is considered one of the most unique natural reserve of the country. 

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Surrounded by few inland lakes this rare natural wonder is absolutely glorious.

The local brine is saturated with minerals, magnesium chloride and potassium salts, sodium iodide, magnesium bromide and acids. 

Natural Wonders Of Ukraine: Pink Lake In Kherson RegionPhoto © Aelita Arkadyeva
Natural Wonders Of Ukraine: Pink Lake In Kherson RegionPhoto © Aelita Arkadyeva

Doctors claim that the lake water is healing. “The water begins to act on micro circular level: through tissue cells and blood vessels it reaches all body’s organs,” – explains the director of Hydrotherapy Centre, Larisa Pospelova.

pink lake natural wonderpink lake in region of KhersonPhoto © Iryna Kostylieva

The mud is certified and approved for use as therapeutic and cosmetic remedy.

pink lake in Kherson regionpink lake in KhersonPhoto © Iryna Kostylieva

Its water contains 35% of salt, 350 grams of salt per litre of water. In fact famous Dead Sea is less salted: 300-320 grams per litre.

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