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Mother’s Nature Optical Illusions Revealed

On looking at these photography masterpieces, you probably think of two things: either it is a truly natural phenomenon or bright Photoshop skills. What hides behind these artworks is nothing else but the game from our mother nature, who tricks our minds and eyes.
Nature jokes with us starting from fantastic water tunnels and finishing with UFO, but her secrets are no longer hidden. All the optical illusions have explanation:
How about the UFO in the middle of the skies? This famous formation got the name of a fallstreak hole and is created when the pieces of ice are formed too quickly as a result causing water droplets. When they start to fall down, a huge hole in the skies appear.

The famous Jacob’s well in Texas has such a crystal water, that you feel like jumping into eternity, while the total depth of the well is just 30 feet.

The famous rainbow like clouds are a usual phenomenon in the skies over Norway, and are known as polar stratospheric clouds, which are quite rare nacreous clouds showing up as soon as the sun hides below the horizon.

No, it is not a painting, but a real photograph – a Dead Vlei in Namibia looks really amazing, thanks to the bright red dunes juxtaposed along with trees.

If you look at these sites, you might think the alien is approaching, but actually the illusion is more known as sundog or phantom sun, and is formed thanks to the tiny pockets of ice floating in the air which are created when the temperature falls below -25 C.

Another spectacular painting located in the Coyote Buttes of Vermilion Cliffs in Arizona, which are the layers of sedimentary rocks eroded away over millions of years ago.

Mexico’s Baja California shows a dead tree lying peacefully in the snow, right? While in reality the branches that you see are caused the a river weaving and sneaking making its way through the desert.

One wrong step and the guy is down for good, but actually the hiker is taking a quiet walk along the mirror like lake in Utah, Glen Canyon.

The fantastic rock formation in Southern Iceland looks like a huge elephant taking a swim…

Spain has its own natural phenomenon more known as Tornado of Fire, but don’t get scared, there is no fire at all – just few mining waste flowing down the Rio Tinto.

If you are a professional photographer and know how to use the light properly, this kind of impressionist picture you can get in the rolling hills of Washington State.

One more surrealistic paintings can be found in China, Gansu Province, which is actually the result of sandstone and mineral deposits laid down around 24 millions of years ago.

The horse waterfall in Yosemite is a waterfall with no fire at all. One more optical illusion which cab admired when the sun goes down.

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