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Top 6 Most Extreme Holiday Adventures

Some travellers prefer to live on edge. These thrilling experience seekers are never satisfied with lazing away their vacation time on the beach and look for extreme adventures on their days off. If taking war zone tours, diving in shark-infested waters, or paddling between deadly high gorge walls in Siberian river sounds like your idea of a good time you may like our list of extreme holidays, which will get your heart racing.

Camping in Antarctica

It is a big question mark what is really extreme about a new glamping site in Antarctica from specialist operator White Desert. Is it the fact you’re camping in the interior of the world’s most inhospitable continent, or is it the price tag (around €72,000 per person for eight nights)?

The White Desert resort offers a clamping solution for adventurous souls who want to travel to the end of the Earth and still sleep in a proper bed at night. Activities at the camp are led by a staff of 11 who will tailor your trip to fit your needs. Choose from ice climbing, skiing, trekking, and flying over the South Pole. Actually, this is starting to sound a bit cushy for a so-called extreme trip.

 War Zone Tours

This “adventure travel” company War Zone Tours does what it says on the tin – takes plucky visitors to war zones, in the company of “high risk environment guides”. Not all of the tours are in active war zones, but also in the past areas of conflict, as well as that could be perceived as being a higher than average level of risk. A traveller can just decide how extreme he want to go, among “recommended” itineraries are Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and  Democratic Republic of Congo.

extreme-activitiesNothing says "holiday" like the Democratic Republic of Congo (Getty)

Besides, Russian travel company Megapolis Kurort had applied last year to trademark its “Assad Tour”, taking tourists to the frontline in war-ravaged Syria.

Diving with bull sharks in Beqa Lagoon

Forget cage diving; at Beqa Lagoon in Fiji, you can go completely unprotected amongst dozens of the world’s deadliest bull and tiger sharks. The Beqa Lagoon resort is even guaranteeing two or more tiger sharks with every dive, and says the biggest number of the species encountered on one dive was eight. Shark dive is usually divided in two parts 45 min and 35 min each with a lot of opportunities for photo and video.

The hour-long surface interval between each Shark Dive allows plenty of time to change camera films and to relax. Fresh tropical fruits and tea or coffee are always on offer along with friendly Fijian hospitality.


 Racing up a mountain in Alaska

“If you’re not bleeding when you come off the mountain, you didn’t try hard enough”. So goes a slightly terrifying saying about the Mount Marathon Race, a headlong scramble up and down the peak that looms over the tiny port town of Seward, Alaska. All extreme experience seekers must complete the entire race course prior to race day and attend the safety meeting. The race course includes areas of extreme difficulty, with steep inclines and slippery loose rock and shale.

There is no guarantee any aid stations will be available on the mountain. Water and aid materials may be delivered by helicopter if weather permits. And because mountains aren’t really made for running up, it should come as little surprise that the competitors often come back with parts of them dislocated or scarred.

Kayaking in Siberia

If you think that Sibearia can offer nothing but only frigid, ice covered landscape, you are completely wrong. This remote and wild area  offers great potential for all kind of travelers, explorers and adrenalin junkies. This part of Russia has is one of the best places for whitewater kayakers because of its Bashkaus River, which drops 32 feet per mile for its 130-mile length.

kayak_siberia_63image credit (Image Source)

Kayaking in Siberia is special as it differs on so many levels: there are not many roads around the rivers, no cities or villages, no people and here you cannot find all these things what exist in modern world, and what make you feel tired. Life is simple here – just you, your friends and kayaking.

kayak_siberia_20image credit (Image Source)

Hiking The Maze

The Maze District of Canyonlands National Park is not kind of joke. Many of the hikes throughout this cavernous district are considered some of the most dangerous hikes in the world. It’s not that they are outwardly threatening, but the trails test both physical and mental endurance through its poorly marked, maze-like pathways that have hikers climbing over sandstone walls and out of deep canyons in temperatures that often rise above 110 degrees F. Park rangers warn merely reaching The Maze requires attentive map-reading: “GPS units frequently lead people astray,” the website warns. Only 2,000 people a year turn up to hike its tricky trails.

hiking-mazeimage credit (Image Source)


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