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Lifetime Experience: Camping in Antarctica

When it comes to the choosing the place for camping, Antarctica might not even be on the list of destinations, which is totally understandable. Though if you have a look at these cute pods and stunning landscapes, you might reconsider your plans.

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While some of the tourist companies focus on world famous destinations like Turkey or Egypt, White Desert is the one that specializes on giving people a unique chance to see the real “Antarctica”.


If you wish to have a different vacation, the tour guide will take you on the five hours flight from Cape Town, South Africa and will show you your new home -a camp. Now it is up to you, whether you would like to just relax in a new environment or take a chance and try some adventures.


There are six sleeping pods in the camp, containing double bed, a table, washing area and a toilet.


In some of the camps you can find a shower pod, a kitchen, and two special tents designed specially for relaxing and dining.


Moreover, the camp is totally eco-friendly, as all the waste is sent for disposal to South Africa, while the camp is run by solar and wind power.


The active campers will be thrilled to experience an ice tunnel, ice waves and rock climbing. Though this is only a small part of the whole experience. There are three classic packages offered to the tourists: a trip to see th Emperor Penguins, a trek to South Pole or exploring the mountain hikes!


The choice is all yours, but it will be definitely a unique experience!



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