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Incredible Places In Canada You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

One of the most beautiful countries is a home to spectacular places, which are real and definitely need to be visited at least once in your life! Half of them for sure you didn’t know are located exactly here, in Canada.

Mount Thor

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Located on Baffin Island in Nunavut and is known for having the world’s highest vertical drop.

o-mount-thor-nunavut-The total height is 1,250 meters which goes straight down, while the CN Tower is 553 meters tall.

Abraham Lake, Alberta

If you ever visit this artificially created lake you will be mesmerized by its unreal look. Though the winter view is by no means not less spectacular.


Manicouagan crater, Quebec

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It is around 215 millions years old and is still the largest visible crater on Earth. Thanks to the massive Daniel-Johnson Dam, the crater is turned into huge reservoir. The crater is perfectly seen even from space.

Pingualuit crater, Quebec

pano_pingualuit_crater_lkimage source (Image Source)

Another site in Quebec is around 3.5 kilometers in diameter and is quite old as well -1.4 millions years. Though if you count it in crater years – it is just a toddler. It has also a mysterious look from space.

Pingos in Northwest Territories

Which are actually massive hunks of ice covered in earth. But when the ice finally melts, the pingos turn into such a view.

Sleeping Giant, Ontario

If you take a helicopter tour, the lake will look exactly like this.

sleeping_giant_ppimage source (Image Source)

The Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

The place is known for having the highest tidal range in the world, while the difference between the low and high tide can reach 16 meters. It is approximately the height of five-store building.

Nahanni National Park, N.W.T.

o-mount-thor-image source (Image Source)

It looks like as if it is captured in time. The scenery might remind you the “Lord of the Rings” movie as well.

Virginia Falls, Nahanni

While everybody knows the popular Niagara Falls, the Virginia one is approximately twice as high as Niagara.

Spotted Lake, B.C.

Such a weird color is caused by the mineral concentrations.

Sky in Saskatchewan

The scenery is breathtaking, sometimes it scares the hell out of you.


The other times it is incredibly beautiful. This is why the area is known as “The land of the living skies”.


Western Brook Pond, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland&Labrador

o-morne-3-900image source (Image Source)

And it has nothing to do with Iceland or Norway, to enjoy these breathtaking views you need to visit Canada.

Glacier Cave, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Or better the glacier cave in the Pemberton Ice Fields in B.C.

The cave on Devon Island, Nunavut

o-glacier-1-900image source (Image Source)

Or would be better to say a channel inside a melting glacier.

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