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How About A Walk In The Park, Arouca, Portugal?

For the adventurous people, who are in love with nature and wildlife, the Paiva Walkways are a real treasure. Located on the left bank of the Paiva River, Arouca municipality, Aveiro Portugal – this 8 km walk will give you tons of impressions and an ultimate experience of reuniting with nature, as here the landscapes are breathtaking, full of natural waterfall and geological sites.

The remaining territory Arouca Geopark is recognized by UNESCO as a Geological heritage of Humanity, which you can admire while walking through this zig-zagging paths.

This natural miracle has been reopened only this year after a reconstruction, as last September 600 meters of the walk was destroyed by fire.

This year however, thousands of tourist will come back to experience the unique feeling of walking in the nature.


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