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Hotel Of The Future: Guest Room Will Be Delivered By Drone

People usually associate hotels with with a physical address: a static, brick-and-mortar establishment to which they could always return. But this concept seems to become outmoded, what has been proofed by the finalists of this year’s Radical Innovation Award

The Radical Innovation Awards are a safe place for designers to submit their wildest dreams about hotels of the future. The entries for the 2016 award—the winner of which receives $10,000 to further their design—did not disappoint. 

There is one that sticks out to us, mainly for our love of drones and one-of-a-kind experiences: a drone-delivered hotel with a series of connected sleeping pods.


It can be dropped off anywhere, even in the most remote stretches of the planet.
160715094835-radical-innovation-hok-2015-driftscape-exlarge-169 (1)
Driftscape consists of several modular units, including a food and beverage element and a single guest room that offers up 360-degree views.
This is only one of many submissions for this year’s honour. The winner will be announced on October 5, so check back to find out whether or not this has the potential to become part of your future travel plans.
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