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17 Great Adventures To Try In Your Lifetime

A lot of people fantasize about travelling around the world, but only a few make it happen. A lot of reason keep us from living our dream: no time, no money, we have a young family, we think we are too old for that, or else. But is it so? What keeps you from discovering this beautiful planet, learn so many things and grow as an individual? People, we are in the 21st century!

Technology has revolutionized the way that we plan our vacations or long term travel plans. For vacations we would have to physically go to a travel agency and speak to a person to book flights and hotels. Today, we have cut out all human interaction and we can do all of this ourselves with the swipe of a touchscreen. And don’t forget about variety of traveler-friendly devices which make every type of travel much more easier and safer.

All you need to do just pick up one of these great adventures and start planning your trip.

1. The Lost World and Angel Falls

waterfalls-angel-fallsimage source (Image Source)

Veneuela’s Lost World has been inspiration for such outstanding authors like Conan Doyle. The region is boosting with wild jungles and rolling grassland dominated by immense sandstone table mountains known as tepuis. The area is a  home to the world’s tallest waterfall with a drop of 3,212 feet, which would be a shame not to see if you are here already.

2. New Zealand’s Classic Trail

milford-trackimage source (Image Source)

The treck is very popular among the tourists and only 90 walkers per day are allowed to start their trail. Therefore make booking in advance, as this 33 mile Milford Treck will take you though the glacial valleys, lakes, waterfalls and spectacular waterfalls.

3. Australia’s Red Centre

australia_nt_uluruimage source (Image Source)

Opened in 2002, the 140-mile (225km) Larapinta Trail from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder through the West MacDonnell Ranges is one of the world’s great bush walks. You’ll have the chance to enjoy sunset over the iconic Uluru, hike through Kata Tjuta with its many domes, enjoy stunning views over Kings Canyon and learn about Aboriginal culture.

4. Wadi Rum, in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia 

wadi-rum-desert-rend-tccom-966-544image source (Image Source)

Located in the south of Jordan the Wadi Rum is also known as the Valley of Moon. Traveling to Wadi Rum can be quite an adventure. A trek that takes on ancient trails through hidden canyons to the summits of several of the biggest formations in Jordan.  The land belongs to the Bedouin tribes and you would find their tents all along the desert. You can find a suitable horse at the Bedouin campsite where you start your journey.

5. Ladakh and Stok Kangri, The Himalayas

himalayasimage source (Image Source)

You will need a lot of power for this treck, but it is going to be worth of it. The Himalayas provides some of the most beautiful and rewarding mountain trekking in the world, Ladakh is home to rare wildlife including the elusive snow leopard, with sweeping high altitude plains dotted with small villages and ancient monasteries, or gompas there is much to take in. Moreover it is one of the easiest trecks, requiring no technical climbing abilities, just good physical condition.

6. Wild chimpanzees on Lake Tanganyika

monkeysimage source (Image Source)

One of the most remote safari lodges in Africa contains a  trek leading to  the Mahale mountains where you can admire the world’s largest remaining group of wild chimpanzees, staying with them in small groups for up to an hour at a time. Regarded as one of the most biologically unique habitats on earth, Lake Tanganyika is also an evolutionary showcase due to its great age and stability.

7. Polar bears in Spitsbergen 

polar-bearsimage source (Image Source)

The greatest chance of seeing a polar bear would be on a longer cruise around Svalbard, while the idea of taking a trip to Arctic is already unbelievable. You’ll also see aerial displays by breeding seabirds and groups of walrus, as well as pods of ghostly white beluga whales.

8. The world’s only ‘Spirit’ bear

spirit-bearimage source (Image Source)

British Columbia in Canada is home to the world’s only white-coloured black bears. The Spirit bear (Ursus americanus kermodei) or moskgm’ol (white bear), as called by the Tsimshian Coastal First Nations, is thought by scientists to be a genetic variation of the black bear that roams throughout British Columbia.

9. Snow leopards in Ladakh

animal1image source (Image Source)

Ideal period for spotting snow Leopard is from October to March, that’s from end of Autumn to Beginning of Spring. These elusive cats are spotted throughout the Hemis National Park, and in Sham area west of Leh the famous spots are Ney Phu, Ule Phu, and hills of Skindyang village.

10. A Kenyan horseback safari

naivasha-horse-riding-safariimage source (Image Source)

Experience wilderness on Kenya horse riding safari to intimate and wild locations. You’ll be able to get much closer to the wildlife than usual, as the wild animals are not scared of horses. You’ll see epic views, lions, elephant-filled plains, gerenuk and the rare Grévy’s zebra as you ride between Lewa, Il Ngwesi, Tassia and Borana camps, passing through the Lewa Conservancy and the Mukogodo Forest, the largest indigenous dry-land forest in Kenya.

11. A husky tour in Finland

lapland-christmas-family-friendly-husky-sled-ride-from-rovaniemi-in-lapland-166404image source (Image Source)

Explore the Finnish wilderness by snowmobile northwards from Kittila to the Norwegian border. This is followed by a two-day husky safari taking charge of your own team of four or five dogs, cooking over open fires and sleeping in a tent or wilderness cabin. A final day of snowmobiling follows the Victoria Trail along the Swedish border.

12. Rafting and rock climbing in the Pyrenees

raftingimage source (Image Source)

This mixed week of trekking, white water rafting, canyoning, rock climbing and abseiling in the stunning scenery of the Pyrenees will blow away any cobwebs lurking in your soul. Stay in a beautifully restored farmhouse in the medieval village of Berdun in the heart of the Pyrenees.

13. The Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

kamchatkaimage source (Image Source)

The Kamchatka Peninsula is one of the most geologically active and biologically rich regions of the planet and its many live volcanoes make it part of the Pacific’s “Ring of Fire”. You’ll enjoy stunning bays, snow-capped volcanoes, alpine meadows and lowland forests as well as huge bird colonies and seal rookeries.

14. Turtle conservation, Bahamas

winner11image source (Image Source)

Help scientists save endangered sea turtles while enjoying the deep blue waters of the Bahamas. The researchers need to ensure the green and hawksbill turtles are protected from coastal development and climate change. You’ll be helping to find out exactly where their habitats are by snorkelling alongside these magnificent creatures.

15. The wildebeest migration

migrationimage source (Image Source)

For 20 years, the grasslands of the eastern Serengeti were closed to tourists to allow the cheetah population to replenish itself. In 2014, the region reopened, with the travel company Asilia appointed as its custodian. Expansive views and exceptional privacy, with no other camp within an hour’s drive, make this an excellent camp to experience the migration between June and November. Among the best camps in Africa.

16. The Great Wall of China

where-does-the-great-wall-of-china-start-and-end_11732ca2-7e2e-4c93-9a99-effc2115a3a4image source (Image Source)

Walk along sections of the Great Wall that few visitors see,  picked both for epic landscapes and historic interest. In some places little more than earthen banks remain, while in others the wall zigzags into the distance across high mountain ridges. You’ll also visit the Qing tombs – the burial site of the emperors of the Qing Dynasty. An action-packed trip combining the sights and sounds of Beijing with a six-day trek.

17. Everest base camp

Everest base campimage source (Image Source)

Following in the footsteps of Hillary and Tenzing, the trek to Everest base camp is the holy grail for most hill walkers. As well as experiencing life at the camp and immersing yourself in Sherpa country and culture, you’ll see the treacherous ice cliffs of the Khumbu Icefall that leads to the South Col, and witness for yourself the iconic view of Everest from the summit of Kala Patthar.

source: telegraph

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