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Future Of Cruising: Unique Floating Hotel of Sci-Fi Fantasies

This unique floating hotel is to change the entire cruise industry. The MORPHotel is a vessel concept designed by engineer and architect Gianluca Santosuosso. The hotel is built around a flexible spine 1/2 mile long, that changes shape based on the ocean currents. It would slowly travel around the world, docking in cities to let passengers board or disembark.


The vessel, which spans about a half a mile in length, features capsules housing guest accommodations and amenities like theaters, gardens, restaurants, and a swimming pool. Additionally, a helipad and detachable boats are included to give guests the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. 


As far as energy is concerned, the MORPHotel integrates solar panels, floating vegetable gardens, and rainwater harvesting facilities to keep the property functioning at sea. Once docked at ports, guests would have the ability to explore on land, and locals would be given access to the amenities on board. 





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