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Freezing Beauty Of Russian Arctic National Park

Russian arctic national park

If you are outdoor enthusiast, love fresh air and aren’t afraid of cold weather Russian Arctic National Park may become one of your targeted destination.

Russian Arctic National Park is a national park of Russia, which was established in June 2009. It covers a large and remote area of the Arctic Ocean, the northern part of Novaya Zemlya, and Franz Josef Land. At 34,000 square miles (8.8 million hectares), the park is now the largest in Russia. It includes glacial and periglacial landscapes of the polar deserts and ecosystems of offshore shallow water and sea ice, Arctic fauna.

arctic national park


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Above all, the park’s pristine Arctic wildlife is its primary attraction. This may be of interest to a certain category of tourists, those who are into it, are fascinated by wildlife and can appreciate the beauty of pristine landscapes and majestic glaciers.

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Some historic sites concerning the opening-up of Arctic are preserved in the national park, these include the camp of Dutch mariner Willem Barentsz who discovered these lands for the Europeans, and the camps of Russian Pomor settlers who had travelled there long before Barentsz.

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  • Wow, tourists visiting a former nuclear test site- the same island where in 1961, the Soviet Union tested the most powerful bomb in the world at the time- the Tsar Bomba- a bomb that had the power of 3,500 Hiroshima bombs. I’m surprized about the fact that nobody visiting the island got severely sick while on the island. Even after more than 55 years since the nuclear test. I don’t care whether or not anybody who ever visited the island since the nuclear test got sick- I myself would never and will never visit that island. Nor in Chernobyl, Hiroshima, or Nagasaki.