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Colossal Village In Yemen Looks Like A Medieval Fortress

If you are not a wold class climber, it is better to stay far from this village, as it is located just on the huge rock with huge vertical slides amidst the dusty valley and reminds you nothing else but a fortress from a fantasy movie or medieval times. The village is known as Haid Al-Jazil and the boulder which is around 350 feet high has a Grand Canyon geology, which makes the whole place even more mysterious and dramatic.

haid-al-jazil8Haid Al-Jazil, unique village in Yemen (Image Source)

But to reach the village is not the biggest problem, the surrounding environment – this is what is really difficult not for the visitors but the locals, as there are no permanent rivers around. What do people rely on are wadis – the channels, that are filled up with water seasonally.
If you look from above – this is exactly how the village looks like. Once it rains which doesn’t happen very often, the shepherds and their flocks of goats wander around the valley floor.

All the houses in Haid Al-Jazil are built from a mud brick, which can be easily washed away, that’s why they are located quite far from the wadi. Yemenis are famous for making such buildings up to 11 stores high, which equals to 100 feet and some of the houses are around 500 years old.

mountain-village-haid-al-jazil-yemen-fbThe Mud Brick Villages of Wadi Hadramaut and Wadi Dawan (Image Source)

This world is a treasure of places, we hardly know about.


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