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Colorful Destinations To Visit This Autumn

“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.”

[The Autumnal]” 
― John Donne, The Complete Poetry and Selected Prose

The summer is already long time gone, but it doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Autumn is a perfect season for exploring new destinations, like:

1 – Kyoto, Japan


A dream like place, covered with thousands of autumn leaves and ancient temples. They say that time stopped in Kyoto, as its elegance never vanishes. Even the locals come to see the city in autumn, it is like a tradition, the same as cherry blossom in spring, which makes it one of the most outstanding destinations in fall.

2 – Vancouver, Canada


Canada is known for the most spectacular landscapes in autumn, especially the city of Vancouver. Thanks to its coastal location, the leaves turn into all shades of brown, gold and red which make a stunning contrast to the dark blue color of the ocean.

3 – Florence, Italy


Europe has its own spark which can’t be mixed up with nothing else. When it comes to delicious and romantic part of Europe, Italy is the one that comes to the mind. Narrow streets with its brick houses, beautiful architecture and all covered with golden leaves, shining like diamonds in the sunset rays.

4 – Beijing, China


For sure the crowded capital of China is not the first city you dream of to spend beautiful autumn in. But, as it turns out the best time for visiting famous Great Wall of China is actually in autumn.

5 – Hanoi, Vietnam


There is autumn in Southeast Asia and Hanoi is the one who will prove it. Especially if you visit the rice fields, which turn into cascading golden colors – you will definitely fall in love with this destination.
6 – Nashville, Tennessee, USA


The musical capital of USA is welcoming the visitors exactly in autumn. And not not only to admire beautiful nature, but to enjoy the open air festivals which take place every other weekend in this cool golden weather.

7 – Seoul, Korea


The city is beautiful by itself, but autumn gives it a special charm, turning the plants around into different shades of autumn. The fan-shaped leaves are everywhere creating a soft carpet on the floor and a beautiful scene indeed.


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