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You Can Drive This French Road Twice A Day Only, As It Disappears Under The Water After

This natural phenomenon happens on the Passage du Gois road, located in France. The road connects the Gulf Burnef with the island of Noirmoutier. The way looks quite normal and usual, but don’t rush, as it has its own schedule for the cars to pass by.


As it turns out, drivers can drive the road twice a day only for few hours before it is totally flooded. Usually you will see the following picture: the road is hidden beneath 4-13 foot waves. Unexpected right?


If we look back to history, the only way you could get to Noirmoutier was by boat. But luckily the Bay of Bourgneuf silted and formed a passage – a road that appeared from the wet ground and allowed people and animals to pass by easily to the island. Back in 1701, this 2.58 mile passage was first marked on the map and the regular horse and later cars service started to function in 1840.


But unfortunately this passage is not the safest way of traveling due to the high ways. There are special panels located on the way telling if the road is drivable at the moment.


But like everywhere, there are people who neglect the rules and as a result get trapped in the waves. Luckily for them, there are few elevated rescue towers where you can wait until the water goes down.


But the cars won’t be so lucky…so think twice before braking the rules.


source: mymodernmet 

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