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Body Parts In The Luggage Hold – And Other Cabin Crew Revelations Bound To Surprise You

It’s quite fun travelling by plane. It’s an epitome of comfortable journey. And, yet again, it is a ‘feel- good’ experience. Most of the travelers, whether going for a fun trip, an official visit or some holiday destination associate flying by air as nice and safe. However, all your views will alter after reading some of the revelations pursued by cabin crew members. Who else, better than them know the secrets – not specifically the dark ones, but some really annoying ones!

So, here is a list of some revelations! Fasten your seat belt and read on:

Body parts in the storage area

– yeah, you read that right! Just beside your baggage can be kept body parts which need to be transplanted! And, the pets are in the same place too. And, if you are still not freaked out, another revelation is bound to alarm you. Full bodies too are transferred from one city to another, and there are many instances when they are not in the casket.


The Mile high club

– you might have heard about it. And, it is verbatim true in accordance with the cabin crew member revelations. It does happen during flights. Undoubtedly, the crew members most of the instances are aware if the passengers slip off to the bathroom for the same. However, you should know this, that the cabin crew does have access to open doors from outside of the bathroom!


Some safety tips

– well for this one, the writer sincerely hopes does not happen with any of the passengers, however, to be rather safe than sorry later. So, here is the tip that if you are told to place your hands in the brace position or cover your head with your hands, it is best to not lock your fingers. In fact, it is better advised to put one hand over another. It is because perchance something falls on your head or hand, you can still have one hand safe for use.

Pilots do sleep

– but, of course the pilots need sleep too, and especially on longer flights. Hence, they do sleep a lot. All thanks to the co-pilot.


Keep your shoes

– you wouldn’t many time like to keep your shoes during long flights. But, it is advisable to keep them on especially when walking the aisle. It is because in accordance with the crew members, pee, poops, nose bleeds, wound opening happen all the time. They further reveal that even when there is cleaning once the plane lands, the in-flight resources are way limited. So, keep those shoes on.

The quoting lines

– if you really like to use the quoting lines believe it the flight attendants do not really like them. It is better to not use them than annoy the crew members.

The dirtiest part of the plane- if you are thinking it to be some place associated with the loo, you are in for some gross revelation. It is the tray table.


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