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Blended ‘Frog Juice’ Believed To Have Health Benefits

One of the blog travelers, Michael Turtle shares his experience of having a very extraordinary beverage – a frog juice, during his recent journeys to the south of Peru, the city of Arequipa. Peruvians tend to make purchases in the local market and here are dozens of small stalls, filled up with fruit, meats and other goods, but Michael passes by all the foods and heads to one particular shop, which serves the traditional– “jugo de rana” drink,  which from Spanish means “juice of the frog”.

The beverage is literally made of a frog, at least it is one of the main ingredients. There is also a mixture of Andean plants, used by locals as a part of the diet for centuries. This mixture can be found only in the health food stores in other countries, and consists of such plants as maca, coca and chia.

These ingredients make the beverage in Peru so special. It is considered to be the most exclusive spiritual drink, the recipe of which was passed from one generation to another. According to locals, it has curative properties and is used to treat such diseases as asthma, bronchitis and anemia. People claim that this drink gives the energy boost and is known as a popular aphrodisiac that turns on sex drive. These properties and a flavor as well, the traveler decided to try by himself.

So how is the drink made?

The man who serves the drink opens the jar where dozens of small frogs hoping around. He chooses one and unfortunately whacks the animal’s head very fast ahead the bench. Hopefully it doesn’t feel any pain. With few professional moves he skins the frog with his hands, throws the meat and bones into a pan and cooks for a minute.

Then all the parts come inside the blender: the cooked meat goes together with a mix of local plants, previously mentioned as maca, chia and coca. After blending the mixture together, the drink becomes a smoothie.

The last step is very easy – pouring the mixture through a strainer into a glass, having no bones or other parts.

How does it taste? Surprisingly the taste is not so bad according to Michael, as you mostly feel the taste of maca, the root vegetable which grows locally in the high Andes in Peru. The taste is rather earthy and a bit malty. You will hardly feel something resembling a frog, even though the color of the frog juice beverage is trying to say the opposite.

The blender doesn’t make the beverage totally smooth, so you can feel it a bit gluggy.


Once you are done with a frog juice drink you will feel its effects: the boost of energy and your heart will speed up as well. Traveler compares the feeling to when you drink too much coffee, but claims it was worth of a try!

This is a truly special experience – having a frog in your own mouth.

source: timetravelturtle

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