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Beautiful Garden Art Installations At Atlanta Botanical Garden

The latest art installation from Dale Chihuly can be found at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and has 19 different installations installed across 30 acres of garden. Visitors are welcomed at the Great Lawn outside the conservatory, where the glass is bursting with bright red and orange lights across the landscaped beds.

Some of the installations are very easy to find, while the others are hidden and will require a map to track them down. Beautiful garden Chihuly’s installations attract new visitors and bring back the old ones, while his first work was presented in 2004 and features two permanent installations.


Atlanta garden is actually the only place where art installations are added to exotic plants, turning blossoming gardens into more than just a park, but a huge city attraction.
According to the vice president of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, every single place needs a wow effect. You have to attract visitors and offer always something new. Thanks to the Chihuly show in 2004, the membership has increased by 200% and managed to spur around 110$ million in donations over the last ten years. Gardens can’t attract people by the same plants and flowers, you need to give a reason for them to come back again and again.
The New York Botanic garden located in Bronx has created Kahlo show, which shows Mexican artist’s botanical inspirations and their symbolic significance. But besides that there are dozens of exhibits to enjoy across the United States among which Atlanta Botanical Garden stands out with its beautiful installations:

The Indigo Blue Icicle Tower


Sapphire star


Carmel and red fiori installation


Turquoise Marlins and Floats


Black and green striped herons with icicle clusters

160830085653-02-botanic-garden-art-shows-exlarge-169 (1)

Green hornets and waterdrops




Sol del Citron


Sapphire neon with neodymium reeds, loads and floats


Fern Dell Paintbrushes


Trumpet Flower Arbor


Chartreuse Hornet Polyvitro Chandelier


Blue and white parterre fountain


Beautiful garden installations keep attracting visitors and it is impossible to miss it!


featured image: dinascitywildlife

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