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Awesome Trick For Traveling: Suitcase Unfolding Into Canoe

You have to admit that owning a canoe can be rather tricky: you can’t fit it into the bag or store it in the apartment either. Sometimes it is even a challenge to find a spot in the garage! But there is a way: one day Ghent based artist Otto Van De Steen was playing with origami canoe made of paper and was just wondering if the same method of folding but from seaworthy material could actually help him to get onto water his favorite canoe more often. What he got in result? ONAK – a portable canoe that can fold down to the size of a regular suitcase.

Designer has seen the other folding canoes, which were perfect on water, fast but quite heavy while carrying and it took too much time to assemble it. So Van De Steen decided to use the custom made polypropylene for his own design, as it is lighter and stiffer, so in overall should improve the boat’s performance. The honeycomb-core composite material is also durable and totally recyclable.

So all in all, it might not fold down so small as Oru for example, but being on the wheels makes it really easy to move around. It can also fit two adults, a child and a gear. And the best part is that the whole process of assembling the canoe takes only ten minutes!



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