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15 Underrated US Vacation Destinations You Should Visit At Least Once

US is a home for thousands of stunning locations and destinations. But due to the lack of promotion and advertisement they stay behind the most visited spots. Though if you have a look at them now, you will understand that these places should be on your bucket list already for the next vacation:

1. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Perfect island with no traffic, as most of the vehicles are not allowed according to local ordinance. Just have a look at this gorgeous view over Lake Huron.

2. Denali National Park, Alaska

Summer is a perfect time for visiting Alaska and watching innocent wild nature. The six million acres of untouched nature is located right in this park.

3. Glacier National Park, Montana

This is a so called America’s Switzerland, hidden right on the border with Canada. Here you can admire the most beautiful mountains, meadows and lakes. Hikers will find their own challenge of conquering 700 miles of trails in Glacier.

4. The Outer Banks, North Carolina

You will never see crowd in this beauty, cause people don’t know about this paradise point. The beaches are spectacular along with cute, hospitable little towns. Don’t forget to see numerous light houses.

5. Big Sur, California

Usually people prefer to do a car sightseeing of California coastline. But if you are not afraid of hiking and mountain climbing you will manage to see the most incredible views.

6. Southern Maine

If you are looking for a perfect vacation, it is right here. It is peaceful, beautiful and has a bunch of coastal cities filled with restaurants and cafes. Love lobster? Try a dinner here. Yummy!

7. Philadelphia

Just because New York is to the north of it and D.C. To the south you don’t have to overlook this destination. The city holds some of the most spectacular historical sites, including the First Bank of America and Independence Hall where The Declaration of Independence was signed.

8. Santa Barbara, California

Miles long beaches and delicious food will make this vacation unforgettable. The destination is not overcrowded so you will have time to enjoy it in piece.

9. The Apostle Islands, Wisconsin

Here is a great mixture of cultural and natural resources, as the area consists of 21 islands and 12 miles of mainland. Here tourists can paddle, sail or even take a cruise.

10. Gulf Shores, Alabama[email protected]/4761715282

Far away from crowded Florida beaches – this is your place. And if seafood is your favorite meals – that’s a paradise point for you.

11. San Antonio, Texas


Due to the rich Mexican influence this town has become a gorgeous place for vacation. Enjoy the whole riverside full of restaurants, shops and bars.

12. The Northeast Kingdom, Vermont

The best time to visit is definitely summer. You can get out from the city and enjoy fishing, hiking or cycling, which makes it excellent destination for family vacation.

13. La Push, Washington

Located on the very corner of the Pacific Northeast, it is the most gorgeous spot ever. You can rent a cabin just on the beach ,set up a fire and enjoy the waves crashing over the beach.

14. San Diego

The weather here is absolutely perfect. Besides enjoying the beach, you can go to the famous San Diego Zoo or get away for a day to Disneyland.

15. Chicago

There is more than New York and LA. Chicago is a perfect destination for summer vacation. It has everything of a big city but it is also a home to beaches by the Lake Michigan.


source: buzzfeed

featured image: goodfreephotos

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