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14 Fascinating Maya Ruins You Must See In Your Lifetime

I’ve found numerous things – settlements, temples, possible pyramids, forts, roads – the list goes on and on.

I’m not as interested in the discoveries as the types of questions they help us formulate.

Sarah Parcak

Vacations are indeed the best part of life. Taking a voyage to a good place can help you reduce the stress and all the negativities around. Let’s have a quick look at 14 most amazing Maya ruins you must visit once in a lifetime:

1. Tulum, Mexico

tulum-1Tulum, Mexico

This Fort Mayan temple, built across the beach, is the perfect coastal location. This shades the sun-seeking iguanas and is a perfect book for the tourists and travellers.

2. Chichen Itza, Mexico

templo_de_los_guerreros-1Temple of the Warriors at Chichén Itzá

This is an amazing and joyous temple to behold. With 91 steps on each of the four sides of this temple, the final one completes and makes it a 365 steps temple.

3. Palenque, Mexico

2213894589_a48d941cc9_bPalenque Pyramid, Mexico

This is a limestone pyramid tomb and temple which looks fantastic in its origin. Perfect place to view the sunset, this temple is no lesser romantic and blissful.

4. Uxmal, Mexico

2305269006_1227098122_bUxmal Temple, Mexico

This temple stands in one of those 32 World Heritage Sites in Mexico. The temple is entirely built and decorated with symbolic sculptures and motifs.

5. Tikal, Guatemala

1280px-tikal_temple_1_2009uTikal Temple, Guatemala

This temple is considered as the Mother of all the Mayan sites. Built in large epitome and ranging in varied scale, this temple is worldwide admired for its perfections.

6. Lamanai, Belize

lamanai_maskLamanai Temple, Belize

This is the perfect temple that offers you boat ride outings and nighttime wildlife tours. The major highlights of this temple showcase, the Mask temple pasteurisation, the jaguar temple and High temple.

7. Yaxchilan, Mexico

yaxchilanYaxchilan Temple, Mexico

You can reach this temple through the boat and this Temple Usumacinta River on one side and Guatemala to another. This temple has green hanging vibes and looks amazingly pleasant to eyes.

8. Topoxte, Guatemala

topoxte_1Topoxte, Guatemala

Belonging to some very specific cultural traditions, this temple is a little lesser familiar to the Peten basin site.

9. Calakmul, Mexico

1280px-calakmul_strukturCalakmul Temple, Mexico

This temple resides in the tropical forests of Tierra with a wide and huge pyramid of the ceremony. Here, you can explore natural trails of jaguars, monkeys, and howling deer.

10. Copan, Honduras

copan_sculptureCopan, Honduras

This temple has large pillars those are built with the images of royal ancestors. This is a perfect package of tourist trails with captivating fames built around, soothing and appealing to eyes.

11. Bonampak, Mexico

bonampak_paintingPainting of Bonampak Temple, Mexico

This temple is extensively soothing and satisfying to visit. The walls of the temple are covered with beautiful paintings and fancy frescos. The architecture of the site comparatively lacks impression and praises, yet it’s a real treat to visit this temple and behold.

12. Coba, Mexico

1280px-coba_nohoch_mul-27527Nohoch Mul Pyramid, Cobá, Mexico

This temple is built on a very large site and has 16 causeways which link to the ruins in its neighbourhood. This is one of the most mesmerising temples, running 60 miles west to Yaxuna.

13. Yaxha, Guatemala

yaxhanorthacropolisYaxha, Guatemala

Late during the AD 250-600, this temple landed among one of the largest capitals in the Mayan region. This site is also famous to glare around at howlers and spider monkeys, grey foxes and much more.

14. Quirigua, Guatemala

435976935_30fd07585d_bQuirigua, Guatemala

Though a little shorter site comparatively, this site has the background of parrots’ noise. You will see the sculptured calendars, zoomorphic when you visit this temple.

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