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11 Of Most Common Mistakes People Make When They Travel

11 Of Most Common Mistakes People Make When They Travel

People who don’t travel cannot have a global view, all they see is what’s in front of them.

Those people cannot accept new things because all they know is where they live.

Martin Yan

It is very common to make some careless mistakes like unexpected checked bag, or have a passport mishap at the last minute for both experienced travellers and those who just started to get excited to explore the world. Unfortunately these mistakes can turn your trip into a disappointing and money wasting experience. Check out these 11 useful tips from TV host, actress and author Janet Hsieh:


1 – Not being flexible with your schedule, your itinerary, the people you may encounter on your trip, which kind of accommodations you’ll stay in, what kind of foods you want to try, etc. etc. etc.

2 – Not being curious enough. What’s the point of visiting a new country if all you do is eat at McDonalds? Or stay at large international hotels? Don’t just stick to the tourist trail – EXPLORE!

11 Of Most Common Mistakes People Make When They TravelTry local exotic food, don't stick to international restaurant chains

3 – Not making an effort to talk to locals. Start up a conversation. Ask for directions. Get a suggestion for a local restaurant. Ask a local to take a picture for you (maybe even get in the picture with you!).

4 – Looking at the world through your phone screen or your camera lens. Some moments really need to be experienced with your eyes, your ears, your nose, your skin.

11 Of Most Common Mistakes People Make When They TravelLook at the scene with your eyes, not only through the camera.

5 – Over posting – LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Stop feeling the need to document and share every single moment of your trip with people you’ve never met on social media.

6 – But, on that note, also try and remember to back up that phone or that SD card if you DO happen to take a few pictures of your trip. It’s a terrible feeling to lose special memories that you’ve captured on your phone/camera because you lost your phone or it got stolen or you accidentally dropped it into the toilet (you know you’ve done it before!)

7 – Not being aware of cultural sensitivities, norms or customs. It’s respectful to learn a little bit about the country where you’ll be visiting and it may also save you a lot of headache and trouble (and maybe even danger) while you’re there.

8 – Overpacking. You CAN wear your clothes twice. You CAN hand wash your underwear if you run out. Most places sell whatever it is that you may need suddenly, and plus, it’s kind of fun to go shopping locally and see what products or clothes locals use and wear. (Come on – who doesn’t like a little bit of shopping when they travel?! Ha ha!)

11 Of Most Common Mistakes People Make When They TravelThe first thing you should do before you begin packing is pull out a calendar, or write down how many days you will be away. (Image Source)

9 – Sticking to only one “type” of traveling. Change it up a bit. If you normally travel with a tour group, try solo travel. If you only backpack, try splurging and treat yourself to a 5-star hotel spa treatment. If you only travel over weekends, try volunteering for a month in a foreign country. If you only ever visit cities, try going on an adventure trip, etc.

10 – Expecting that everybody will accept credit card. Cash still goes a long way in many parts of the world. And do you really want to miss out on trying that delicious mango shaved ice on a hot hot day because you don’t have the equivalent of a few dollars in cash and only have credit card? I think not!

11 Of Most Common Mistakes People Make When They TravelDon't expect your credit card will be accepted everywhere

11 – Not being smart. Don’t leave valuables out in the open. Don’t get silly drunk with strangers if you know you have nobody to take care of you. Don’t walk down that alley that is just a wee bit too dark for your liking. Don’t forget to bring your passport. Don’t get your flight dates wrong. Don’t forget to check if you need a visa to get into a country. Don’t forget to put on sunblock. Etc. etc. Just Be Smart.


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