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WaterSeer: Turbine That Can Produce Water From The Air

The revolutionary invention WaterSeer may change life of people worldwide who die every day from a lack of clean drinking water. The turbine is designed as a result of cooperation between VICI-Labs, UC Berkeley and National Peace Corps Association.

According to the developers, the new device is cheap, low-tech atmospheric condenser, that creates clean water from the air without using any power or chemicals, but with the help of condensation.

WaterSeer is planted six feet into the ground and the water chamber will stay cool thanks to the surrounding soil. When the wind flows, the turbine will start its spinning, which will turn the spinning of the device’s internal blades in its turn. When the warmer air enters the chamber condenses, it will create pure water that can be extracted through a simple hose and pump.

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One more great benefit of the device is its low maintenance, thanks to the installed filter that keeps foreign objects away from falling into the device.

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“The WaterSeer condensation chamber below ground is inserted in a sleeve so it is easily removable for inspection and cleaning. Field tests showed the water collected to be virtually free of particulates over a one week period, and cleaner than rain water in terms of pollutants and pathogens,” WaterSeer wrote.

Comparing to the current similar products in the market, this new technology is easier and way cheaper solution to the problem. As most of the modern products require diesel-powered compressors and evaporators which consume huge amount of energy.

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Meanwhile WatesSeer could generate up to 11 gallons of water per day. The new technology is planned to be tested during the next six months and after positive results, shipping will start next year.

source: natureworldnews

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