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Top 10 Devices Soon To Be Totally Out Of Use

With rapid technological progress, it is interesting to make predictions about the advanced technology that we’ll be using in the future, and many tech enthusiasts like to dispute topics like what kind of devices will be on high demand in the nearest future. As speed of tech progress just gets higher and higher there is no space for played out devices. Old-fashioned gadgets which are still in use will become part of history and be seen in museums only. Appearance of modern computers and robots will replace not only many devices but even make a lot of  humans unemployed.

Here is the list of the items will become absolutely useless in the nearest future.

Mechanical door locks and metal keys

mechanic door keys

Mechanical memory

hard memory

Hardwire Internet

hardwire internet

Stationary phones

stationary telephone

DVD and Blu-ray players

dvd player




3D tvs

Windows laptops

windows computers

Luminous tube lamps and filament lamps



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