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This Submersible Drone Uses Sonar And LED Lures To Catch Fish For You

Have you ever considered taking your fishing experience to the next level? As soon as the fish comes face-to-face with the PowerRay submersible drone you can start feeling sorry for the fish already. The drone was revealed this year however it is not on sale yet and is designed to “redefine recreational fishing,” says creator PowerVision. The system works pretty much the same – you still stay with your fish rod on the land, while your potential fish victims are under the water. However the PowerRay device will use sonar and LED lures to track down and attract the fish for you, and even film them being caught in 4K.

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According to the designers, the drone can track the fish up to 40 meters away, while the bot itself can dive 30 meters down as a maximum. A Wi-Fi connection sends data, video, and images up to distances of 70 meters to an iOS and Android app, and operators can choose to receive alerts when something’s nearby. So no more waiting in vein, you can be busy installing your grill and having beer while drone is searching for fish.

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The new system attracts fish thanks to a “recision remote bait drop”and underwater 4 K camera can even capture the whole action. PowerVision even says you can view live footage through a VR headset for a first-person view experience and control the drone’s movements by tilting your head.

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It sounds super futuristic, but the PowerVision company had an experience before with ambitious drone designs, among which is a PowerEgg drone which folds up its legs and propellers to form a smooth, 2-kilogram egg .

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So far the drone looks very promising but you should definitely see it in action under the water to get a full impression of its power!

source: theverge

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