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A Planet-Improving “Pipe” Dream: Sun-Powered Device Turns Seawater Into Clean Drinking Water

The motto of Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) states: “Renewable Energy Can Be Beautiful”. Along with such a motivational statement, company presented to the world a new device – Energy Duck, The Pipe, a semi-terrifying, solar panel-clad bird monster with a size of a tugboat.

Amazing combination of artistic design with scientific purpose, LAGI manages to create amazing works of art which along with beauty provides cities with a source of clean energy.

Every single year LAGI chooses a new city. For example, back in 2010 competition revolved around a trio of sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In 2012, the LAGI set its sights on the Big Apple, specifically on Staten Island’s  Freshkills Park , formerly home to the world’s largest landfill. As for the year of 2016 – The Los Angeles Country beach town of Santa Monica is home to LAGI.  To be more specific, the main focus of the competition became coastal waters around Santa Monica’s amusement pier.


As the LAGI explains: “Without a doubt, the LAGI 2016 design site offered the most versatile and amazing opportunity yet. Adjacent to one of the world’s historic cultural landmarks, and with the full power of the Southern California sun, the coastal winds, and the Pacific Ocean waves and tides, there is nothing to limit the imagination.”

One of the finalists of this year competition is the tubular sculpture, a floating plant that will manage to produce an annual 1.5 billion gallons of clean drinking water via electromagnetic desalination. To make a long story short – “the Pipe” would generate 10, 000 megawatt-hours of solar power every single year.

This is actually the first time when LAGI allowed artistic proposals that generate water, preferably drinking water and renewable energy as the drought in California and water shortage supplies in the area really needs such innovations. California will suffer from water shortages in the coming years, and the amount of energy used for water production will definitely increase. That’s why LAGI made a decision to expand the definition of sustainable infrastructure artwork to include proposals as for water production in the 2016 competition.

“The Pipe” was presented by Vancouver,   British Columbia-based consultancy Khalili Engineers, according to whom a “Pipe” is “a testament to our time that reminds us about our dependence on water and about our need to appreciate and value this vital gift” .

The innovating construction not only produces the water, but also looks absolutely amazing – glittering and sparkling from Santa Monica Bay and could be also accessible for the public as an offshore spa and educational center. Here people can totally relax on the pool deck, listen to the sounds of waves and watch the ocean, being unaware that while they are having quiet time technology is actively working.


The solar panels installed above provide power to pump the seawater through the electromagnetic filtration process, located below the pool deck, and provide the salt bath with healing waters for the customers and clean drinkable water for the whole city. The Pipe is a new future of the water, which will never leave our planet but will be simply displaced.

the-pipe-landimage source (Image Source)

Conventional desalination technology such as reverse osmosis uses excessive electricity, generates unwanted industrial waste and polluted water, and requires very expensive machinery.  The Pipe would see an innovative form of desalination, the process of removing minerals from saltwater so that it’s rendered fit for irrigation or human consumption. Currently, Santa Monica Bay is striving to achieve complete water independence by the year 2020.

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source: mnn

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