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Meet The New Gocycle GS – A Lightweight Folding Electric Bike

Besides gorgeous streamlined design, Gocycle GS can be also folded and is driven by electricity. If you are in love with bicycles and want to avoid the city traffic, this is a perfect solution for you. The quickly detached wheels are designed specially for extremely easy storage and transportation.

Modern technologies are looking for the ways to make eye catching designs but also make it practical and easy in usage. The total weight of the bike is only 35 lbs and there are two patented and elegant Pitstopwheels, which you can easily remove from the ebike. There is also a docking station and even a bag, which means you can easily fold it for public transportation or accurately store it in one of your rooms.

When it comes to functionality, the Gocycle GShas 500 watt motor gear and 13.5 Ah, 22V lithium battery. The maximum speed you can develop is 20 mph and you can ride for 7 hours straight with a full charge up to 50 miles. Besides that the ebike is made with environmentally friendly magnesium for lightweight and durable construction. Thanks to adjustable saddle and handlebar it makes it comfortable for every driver.
And to make this bike even more functional and effective, it features also patented Cleandrive Shimano Nexus 3 speed transmission, hydraulic disc brakes along with front and rear lights.

You can already pre-order the bike on Kirkstarter for 1,699$ but the shipping will start only in July next year.


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