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World’s First Self-Charging Folding Electric Bike

Bicycle design studio Vello has launched the first bike, combining such features as electric, folding and self-charging.

The Vello Bike charges while traveling by converting kinetic energy generated by the driver into electricity. Later on this energy will help the cyclist conquer the uphills.

According to Vello designer Valentin Vodev, who established the company back in 2013, his primary goal was to “create the best-ever electric folding bike with groundbreaking new technology”. And just one year later, in 2014 the designer along with a co founder Valerie Wolff successfully launched their first Vello folding bicycle on Kickstarter.

The vehicle takes power from the driver who keeps pedaling and braking, using it to recharge a lithium-ion battery. According to the designers, the fully charged Vello can provide the constant pedaling assistance lasting to 32 kilometers. You can also charge the bicycle by plugging it into the regular power socket to charge.

There is also a special application, which allows the cyclist to control pedal support and even lock their bicycle remotely. The bike itself weights around 12 kilograms and you can fold into halves for easier transportation thanks to magnetic locking system.


source: dezeen

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