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The First Mexican Super Car Is About To Change Autoworld

When you think of the car producing companies, Mexico is the last country you probably think about, right? Two brothers Guillermo and Iker Echevarria are trying to change this common perception by designing a two-seater super car built by their own fledgling manufacturer, Vuhl.


The first creation of Vuhl is the 05 – a vehicle which is something between a car that doesn’t care for nothing but going fast around the track and the car which provides more accessible B-road thrills. Anyway, the 2.0 liter Ford engine develops 285 bhp with a weight of 695 kilograms. First time the car was used in 2013, unveiled by the former Formula driver Stirling Moss and a week later Esteban Gutierrez, another Formula Driver was driving it up at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Three years later it finally became possible to buy a car.





Brothers have a sort of a family business which started even from childhood. Their father used to be a racing driver and loved to work on the cars at home. That’s why, there is no surprise that 05’s design is a combination of high speed engines and a few regulations that come from Porsche 917 and McLaren M8F. The design was inspired by the 70-s having no doors, no windscreen and neither a roof, only exposed roll bar. The main goal was to make such a car work in a modern concept without looking like a retro.

So what turned out in result is a mix of clean lines along with gentle curves and a small touch of Batman car.
The spirit of the super car is truly Mexican, even though half of the components are British. The engine is actually from US, while few body parts come from Canada. But anyway the soul of the car remains in Mexico.

Like any new car it had its own critic, predicting its quick “death on the market”, but nevertheless three years later the company announced about a newer version of 05, known as the 05RR. So far the plan is to produce around 25 05 cars a year, with a price of 60, 000 pounds each. Company realizes they have a long way to become on the same market with British, German and Italian cars, but they are proud to be the Mexican company, who is trying to put its own impact in the performance car world.




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