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Airplane Designers Invented A New Brilliant Idea For The Middle Seat

Airplane Designers Invented A New Brilliant Idea For The Middle Seat

How many times did you have to wait in the aisle while somebody gets into their seat or pull his bag in the upper baggage compartment, having no space to squeeze in and make your way further down the lane? Well, these days might be over if Molon Labe Seating idea is going to be implemented. The new design involves the Side-slip seats – which makes seats compact and slide over each other giving passengers more space to move along the aisle while boarding and leaving the place. The Side-Slip Seat is a simple and unique airline seat. It is durable, low maintenance and offers features that creates a loyalty building customer experience. The middle seat is 2 inches wider than the aisle and window seats.

While the aisle and window seats  retain their standard width you can also forget about elbow fights, as the staggered design creates a two level armrest, each passenger has dedicated armrest space.

middle-seatimage source (Image Source)

Thanks to the wider aisle airlines can now offer full-size wheelchair access down the aisle. No more sky chairs needed.

sideslipseat1image source (Image Source)

The simple seat replacement gives airplanes a chance to move plane faster, which will result in more efficient traveling and the ticket’s price will go down as well.

source: uk.businessinsider

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