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One-eyed Spanish Matador El Pirata Gets Gored In The Eye Again

A Spanish  matador Juan Jose Padilla who lost an eye after being gored by a bull has been gored in the same eye nearly five years to the day since the first accident.  A famous matador was hospitalized after being gored by a 600 kg bull in the left hand side of his face. He lost his eye in 2011 during the same Pilar Fair in Zaragoza and now the story repeated.

Luckily the matador didn’t get any serious injuries and doctors have ruled out any internal injuries. After the accident five years ago, Padilla has to wear a patch on his lost eye, which turned him into a national hero, however left him partially blind as well. Now he became known as “the Pirate”, even though he got serious injuries during bullfighting, it didn’t make his performance as a matador different.

The Pirate says: “I have always known, as a Christian, that suffering is a part of glory. I have had many important afternoons with the bulls, many triumphs, and I have suffered many wounds. This is a part of bullfighting; its other face. “

source: indy100

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