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Fitness Mistakes That Can Turn Out To Be Dangerous

Fitness Mistakes That Can Turn Out To Be Dangerous

The body achieves what the mind believes. 

Everyone wants to look fit and fine. People spend hours in gym and do their regular exercises day in and out. They are following the perfect diet chart but still unable to get rid of those fats in the body. Something might not be going well in your fitness habits. Following are some of the don’ts that usually people follow resulting to zero result or sometimes it may give you the reverse effect as well.

Warm up

– you may have noticed people going to gym and having a tough time walking and running on the treadmill. But resulting to nothing. The reason here is wrong technique of the work out. It is always advisable to first warm up and make your cells active before stepping on to the treadmill. Warming up before getting on the treadmill will give you an adrenaline surge, increase your heart rate and help to pump up your muscles. After the warm up spend the same amount of time you used to on the treadmill and your positive effects will welcome you in no time.

Fitness Mistakes That Can Turn Out To Be DangerousResearch suggests that regular workouts become more important for staying fit over the long term


– usually it is found that people have the misconception that working out every day or on regular basis can give them the desired shape and size of the body. But this misconception leads to weight gain as well as unfit body. Anything that is overdone never turns out to be fruitful. Dedicate 3-4 days in a week at your gym that would be enough to give the much limited workout your body can intake.

Rest your body

– weight lifting can tear some of the tissues in your muscles. The best way to heal it is to give some rest to the body. This repair rest process can give you stronger muscles than ever before. Although it is important to help build your muscles but it is equally necessary to give it ample amount of rest for the muscles to grow.

Fitness Mistakes That Can Turn Out To Be DangerousLifting weights won't magically make your flab lean. Unfortunately, body fat cannot become muscle. But weight training will help you build muscle tissue underneath any fat above it.

Bigger appetite with more exercise

– it is a rocket science rule that the more you exercise, more hungry you will be. In ladies especially they compromise on the intake of carbohydrates as they believe it will only help them gain weight. That’s not true. Carbohydrates are also important in daily food chart. So it is advisable to workout less the initial days so that you can have control over your appetite. With passing days you can increase the work out time little by little so that your body respond well keeping your appetite the same.

Drink enough water

– exercises means sweat and sweat means body losing on to water. Be sure you are hydrated even if you don’t feel thirsty. If you feel dry mouth this can be due to loss of water in the body. After every 15 minutes of your work out it is suggested to have a glass of water to help you gain the energy and help in your work out plans. Try avoiding wearing sweaty clothes for long as this can lead to body acne.

Fitness Mistakes That Can Turn Out To Be DangerousExperts recommended refueling the body after a workout with about 20 grams of protein — from any source — and lots of water.
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