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What Is A Dreamcatcher?

What Is A Dreamcatcher?

Old legend says if you hang a dreamcatcher above a bed, it will catch the bad dreams in the web while letting the good dreams through the hole in the middle. As the sun’s rays hit the dreamcatcher in the morning, all of the bad dreams will evaporate.

In the modern world, dreamcatchers are used mostly as decorations in the home. Most people use it as a fancy ornamental to add beauty to their house without knowing the right meaning and symbolism of the dreamcatcher. Also it is widely used as a charm and featured in jewellery and accessories, it is thought to trap negative energy and help the wearers to achieve their dreams.

Origins of Dreamcatcher

Most people should recognize dreamcatchers as wooden hoops with webs woven upon them. This is not a coincidence because dreamcatchers originated with the Ojibwe nation, which believed that their mothers and grandmothers started making the hoops because Spider Woman was struggling to protect all of their people with how spread out they had become. Eventually, dreamcatchers were adopted by the Pan-Indian movement of the 1960s and 1970s, which in turn, led them to becoming a very popular crafts item by the 1980s.

What are Dreamcatchers used for?

Despite their common name, dreamcatchers are not particularly associated with dreams. Instead, they are meant to be apotropaic charms, meaning that they are supposed to prevent various evils from befalling the people who they are supposed to protect by catching and holding onto them. Even now, dreamcatchers still see use for this particular purpose, though it is important to note that their popularity has resulted in them gaining new meanings.

In short, there are those who see dreamcatchers as a sign of unity for Native American peoples. As a result, there are also people who see them as a sign of sympathy for Native American peoples, Native American spirituality, and other elements of Native American cultures. Whatever the case, dreamcatchers have taken on a wide range of forms as well as a wide range of meanings in modern times, which is something that might interest those looking through our selection of such products.

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