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Top 10 “Power Spots” On Earth

Throughout history, ancient civilizations all over the globe have attached spiritual or religious importance to natural spots (not man-made places) that played key roles in their respective cultures. From the mythological homes of gods like Zeus and Shiva to the serene spot where the mortal Buddha achieved enlightenment, these are the places of legends. Some are still used for age-old rituals, others have been lost to time, but all crackle with a special energy. May be it explains a presence of spiritual elevation that accounts for the extraordinary – and often miraculous – experiences that human beings have on pilgrimage. This presence may be described as a field of energy, a spiritual ambiance, or a density of holiness that saturates and surrounds these ‘power spots’.  When humans enter into these fields, they may experience a variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects. If even we can’t explain this mysterious phenomena, we still can feel just a little bit of leftover magic.

Here is the list of ten of “power spots,” where people can recharge their batteries with positive energy.

1 – Mahabodhi Tree, Bodh Gaya, India

Top 10 “Power Spots” On EarthBuddhist pilgrims at Mahabodhi temple

According to Buddhist traditions, around 500 B.C., when the ascetic Prince Siddhartha was wandering through what’s now the state of Bihar in India, he took rest under a native bodhi tree. After meditating there for three nights, the prince awoke with enlightenment, insight and the answers he had been seeking, which developed into the teachings he went on to spread to his disciples. Naturally, the place where the Buddha reached enlightenment is one of the most sacred sites for Buddhists, and has been a major pilgrimage destination for centuries. Today, a temple complex surrounds what is believed to be a direct descendant of the original majestic tree itself, which sits in the middle of a courtyard surrounded by protective carved panels. A beautiful Buddha statue under the tree marks the significant spot.

2 – Mount Kailas, Tibet

Top 10 “Power Spots” On EarthMount Kailash is a peak in the Kailash Range (Gangdisê Mountains), which forms part of the Transhimalaya in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China

This black rock mountain in western Tibet is something of a holy hat trick, since it is sacred to Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains and is thought to be the mythical Axis Mundi, the center of the universe. Hindus believe it is the residence of Lord Shiva and the land of eternal bliss, and have celebrated the mythical Kailas in temple carvings throughout India. Tantric Buddhists say the mountain is the home of Buddha Demchog, who represents supreme bliss, and that three key Bodhisattvas live in the surrounding hills, while Jains believe it is the site (which they call Mount Ashtapada) where the first Jain attained nirvana. The peak is part of the Gangdise Mountain range and is set near the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia, including the Sutlej, the Indus, and the Ghaghara (a tributary of the holy Ganges River). Nearby Lake Manasarovar, considered the source of purity, is another major pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists.

3 – Belovodye, Russia’s Shambhala

Top 10 “Power Spots” On EarthBelovodye literally means the (area of) White Waters

The history of Belovodye, Shambala and the White Island in the north of the Sea of Milk – in general, about blessed land lost in the east – is so old that it once simply had to be true. According to the legend, Russian Old Believers found it in Altai. Multa lies just on its border and is the very edge of the population of the Altai world. Despite its modest size and remoteness, Multa is the center of the revival of ancient Slavic crafts.In the village, a population of seven hundred people is involved in stone carving, painting kitchen boards, weaving, and creating patterns from straw. Weaving occupies a special place: the entire production process is recreated from tradition, from sheep shearing, to wool dyeing with natural dyes, to working on horizontal looms, tablets or berdyshka.

4 – Glastonbury, England

Top 10 “Power Spots” On EarthGlastonbury Tor is a tower-topped hill linked to Arthurian legend, overlooking the marshy Somerset Levels.

Glastonbury will eventually be the “Communication Headquarters” for Europe in the new 5th dimensional network of communities.  It currently acts as a world communication outlet expressed through the crop circles, just over an hour away in Wiltshire. The crop circles act as humanity’s collective communication symbols as they receive messages from other extraterrestrial intelligences and dimensions.

Glastonbury is the location of the legendary Avalon of mystical Merlin and the story of King Arthur. It was also the territory of the Druid peoples, thus connecting us with our inner magic, alchemy and connection to nature.

5 – Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

Top 10 “Power Spots” On EarthCrater Lake is a caldera lake in south-central Oregon in the western United States. It is the main feature of Crater Lake National Park and is famous for its deep blue color and water clarity.

Formed nearly 8,000 years ago after an alleged massive eruption caused Mount Mazama to collapse, this deep blue, freshwater caldera lake in south-central Oregon plunges nearly 2,000 feet below ground, making it the deepest in the United States and the seventh deepest in the world. The Native American Klamath tribe has long considered the lake a sacred site: Their legends say a battle here between the Chief of the Above World and the Chief of the Below World led to the destruction of Mount Mazama. (Historians believe the Klamath people may have witnessed the actual implosion of the mountain.) The tribesmen used Crater Lake in their vision quests (tasks may have included scaling the crater walls), and it is still considered a spiritual spot. The lake is now part of Crater Lake National Park.

6 – Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Top 10 “Power Spots” On EarthLake Atitlán is a body of water in a massive volcanic crater in Guatemala’s southwestern highlands.

Set up in the Guatemalan Central Highlands, and bordered by three volcanoes, Lake Atitlán is the deepest lake in Central America at 1,114 feet. Along with its natural beauty, the lake is famous for the Maya villages that ring its shores, many of which have been there for centuries. Ninth-century Panajachel, one of the largest, has been drawing tourists since the 1960s, while in Santiago Atitlán, residents are known for their worship of Maximo, a local idol that fuses Mayan gods, Catholic saints, and Spanish legends. Mayan ceremonies still take place at various sites around the lake, from caves to the top of an adjacent hill. The lake’s shores are also strewn with archeological sites and ruins of pre-Spanish towns, including Chiutinamit, a mythological “underwater city.”

7 – Samara Luka, Russia

Top 10 “Power Spots” On EarthSamarskaya Luka National Park

Samara Luka is considered one of the most active anomalies in the world, with more than a thousand paranormal phenomena registered there in the last decade.

Mount Svyatelka, Shaman Glade and White Rock Mount in Samara Luka make up a major fracture zone, and powerful geomagnetic radiation has turned Samara Luka into a mecca for scholars and tourists from around the world.

8 – Vortexes, Arizona, USA

Top 10 “Power Spots” On EarthWhether you believe that energy vortexes exist, one thing is for certain, there is “something” about Sedona that has made people travel here for centuries.

Sedona, Arizona, has long drawn people interested in healing, spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics, who come for more than just the dramatic, red-rock beauty. The area is famous for its vortexes, powerful centers of kinetic energy that can have a deep effect on those who visit them; there are four main ones spread around town, including one near the airport. The ancient Native American Yavapai people knew about these centers, and celebrated this “Great Mother” energy with petroglyph paintings and sacred dwellings. Today, visitors can easily walk or hike to the four spots (the one in Boynton Canyon is among the most popular), and once there, can meditate or just soak up the good vibes. Many feel recharged and uplifted after visiting a vortex, and some guests even report having visions or deeper experiences while in town.

9 – Sacred Cenote, Mexico

Top 10 “Power Spots” On EarthThe Sacred Cenote refers to a noted cenote at the pre-Columbian Maya archaeological site of Chichen Itza, in the northern Yucatán Peninsula.

The ancient Maya revered water for its life-sustaining power, and worshiped Chac, the god of rain, because of this awe of H20. Many areas of Mexico are dotted with cenotes—natural underground sinkholes—and the Maya believed that some of these sites were visited by Chac himself. As a result, some cenotes were designated as “sacred” and kept for rituals, offerings and sacrifices, while others were set aside for bathing, drinking and crop water. One of the most notable of the sacred springs is Cenote Sagrado, located near the major Mayan archeological site Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula. Created from a natural limestone cave, with steep sides stretching about 60 feet above the water line, this cenote was specifically used for ceremonies and occasional sacrifices; for the latter, men, women, and children were thrown in during drought times to appease the water gods. When archeologists dredged the spring in the 20th century, they found gold bells, masks, cups, rings, jade pieces, and more (many from the post-Spanish period) along with human bones.

10 – Mt. Fuji, Japan

Top 10 “Power Spots” On EarthMt. Fuji is one of the main places in Japan said to hold mystical energy.

The greatest power requires the lightest touch.  This is the place that represents a very different reflection of power than we haven’t been used to on Earth. The energy it exudes is the true empowerment of your infinite nature. The Eastern Zen energy of simplicity and meditative insight radiates at Mt. Fuji.

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