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The Secret Meaning And Symbolism Of Wearing Anklets

The Secret Meaning And Symbolism Of Wearing Anklets

While many ladies concern the wearing of anklets just another fashion statement, there are some symbolic associations to the accessory.

Do anklets mean anything?

There are plenty of cases in which an anklet doesn’t mean anything save than the wearer finds it to be a pleasing adornment. However, there are also plenty of cases in which anklets possess some kind of special meaning that may or may not be discernible based on the famous symbols and meaning incorporated into them.

For example, the choice of material in ancient Egypt could say much about the class of the wearer. Someone who belonged to the highest social classes might have worn gold ankle chains, whereas someone who wasn’t a member of that exalted elite but still rather wealthy might have worn silver ankle chains. Meanwhile, it is interesting to note that either an anklet or a bracelet with bells can be a common sight on certain dancers practicing different dance forms, with examples including but not limited to Indian classic dances such as kathak, kuchipudi, and odissi.

Anklets in Indian culture

In India anklets usually worn by married women, but unmarried girls also wear them, which signifies their bravery and pride. Most of the anklets decorated with small tinkling bells, which creates jingling sound when a lady walks. This sounds makes the family members, especially the males to notice that OK, a lady is coming, so we have to be respectful. Anklets also helped a wife to attract the attention of husband.

The Secret Meaning And Symbolism Of Wearing AnkletsThere are claims that women who wear on specific anklets are actually announcing that they are "hot wives". Photo © Geneva Vanderzeil, A Pair & A Spare (Image Source)

Health benefits

This beautiful jewellery not only adorns the feet whenever you wear them but has the numerous health benefits as well.  Along with producing the melodious sound, wearing silver anklets will activate the lymph glands in the body to boost the immunity. It is believed that wearing them can cure gynaecological disorders, infertility, and hormonal imbalance and obstetric problems. Thus they are more than just the accessories.

What do anklets mean in the present time?

Nowadays, the answer for why modern people wear amulets and anklets isn’t much different from the answer for why did Egyptians wear amulets and anklets. Primarily, it is because women like looking good. However, there are also cases when people want protection as well as convey special meanings to interested individuals. For example, there are actually claims that women who wear on specific anklets are announcing that they are “hot wives,” though there is enough variation in such claims that people might want to avoid reading too much into any single accessory choice.

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