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Buddha Charm: The Spiritual Meaning

Buddha charm or Buddhist pendant is among most popular spiritual ornaments because it carries significant meaning. Buddha charms can be placed in your home, car, purse, clothing, carried as key rings and worn as jewellery to invite auspicious energies into your life. 

There are specific ways you can take advantage of Buddha charm to boost and enhance various Feng Shui luck sectors. Wall hangings and other charms can address any afflicted areas in your home or be used to attract general abundance into your life.

Buddha charms have different meaning and can be used more than one way: in your home, office, or as a portable charm. Look for charms like the ones suggested below – similar options that fit your home interior and lifestyle as well.

Portable Buddha Charms

You may wish to carry a Buddha charm with you, such as a key ring, Buddhist pendant or Buddha bracelet charm and other Buddhist symbol jewellery. Keeping the charm with you is believed to provide protection against inauspicious energies, such as car accidents and illnesses. It can also attract auspicious luck, such as extra income, successful career, and overall abundance luck.

Buddha Charm Key Ring

Ensure the healing powers of Buddha by keeping this charm with you as a keyring or attached to a purse or backpack.You can also use the Buddha charm to counter the annual Flying Star by placing it in this sector in your home or office.

Buddha Charm meaningHandcarved Rosewood Guanyin Buddha Key Ring

Magic Laughing Buddha

The charm that features a Laughing Buddha is known for bringing wealth and prosperity. 

Buddha Charm meaningProtective Natural Gold Obsidian Bracelet/Laughing Buddha(Happy Buddha) Head

In Feng Shui, the Laughing Buddha, also known by Buddhists as Matreiya, is one of the most supreme symbols of joy and wellbeing. When this jolly character carried with you or placed within any home, it will do wonders; in addition to revitalising any negative chi and relieving tension, it is believed to summon fortune and bring luck to all family members. 

Buddhist Pendant

Wearing items bearing the image of Buddha can remind us to be like Buddha in our daily life. Buddha charm is one such ornament that is considered as a symbol of good luck, peace, and longevity. 

Buddha Charm meaningProtective Natural Ice Obsidian Amitabha Buddha Pendant Necklace

Some pendants also have other Buddhist symbols and worn around the neck or wrist. Today, the blend of silver and golden necklaces as well as gemstone is very popular and worn by people as a fashion statement. Some of the basic pendant types include Tibetan horn pendant, Om pendantMantra prayer wheel pendant, Lotus flower, Pixui, Vajra ghanta and others.

Buddha’s Head

Statues or charms featuring only Buddha’s head show his post-enlightenment. This depiction represents wisdom and knowledge. Although the disembodied head may seem like a strange way to pay homage to the enlightened one, symbolically, this shows the disconnection between the mind and body.

Buddha Charm meaningTurquoise Buddha Head Bracelet

A Buddha head charm or statue is a wonderful reminder of balance and a path toward seeking the truth.

Buddha Statue

Buddha statues are used as décor accessories that add a calm element to interiors. People, who follow Feng Shui while designing their homes, also use them to bring positive energy into a room.

Buddha Charm meaningHandmade Buddha Garden Statue

Buddha Wall Art

Depictions of Buddha play a big role in Feng Shui, which is meant to both encourage the flow of positive chi and prevent the build-up of negative energy, thus ensuring the best of luck. When put at a high level, something Buddha painting can serve as an excellent reminder of the Buddha’s teachings, thus helping interested individuals reach for the serenity that Buddhists seek. Something that can have a profound impact on both their health and happiness because of the crucial connection between mind and body.

Buddha Charm meaningColourful Sitting Buddha Wall Art Painting On Canvas
You can decorate not only walls but also your beds with Buddha beddings sets, Buddha pillow cases to make your living space more spiritual and welcoming.


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