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Angels: Spiritual And Symbolic Meaning

Angels tend to be seen as intermediaries between humans and a higher power. In fact, it should be mentioned that the term “angel” comes from the Latin angelus, meaning “messenger.” As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that cherubs, seraphs, and other angels can be powerful symbols of a wide range of good things.

What Can Angels Symbolize?

Generally speaking, when someone thinks of an angel, chances are good that they will think of a humanoid figure with one or more pairs of avian wings. However, it is important to note that there are other kinds of angels that are represented in other ways as well, with examples ranging from the four-faced Cherubim to the eye-covered wheels called the Ophanim. Regardless, most angels share certain connotations because of their status as intermediaries between humans and a higher power, with examples including but not limited to courage, compassion, protection, illumination, and spiritual awareness. As such, it is no wonder that some people like to put canvas wall art and other depictions of angels in their homes for the purpose of benefiting from their symbolic power.

Of course, it should be mentioned that individual angels as well as classes of angels can have further connotations of their own. For example, the archangel Michael is often associated with triumph over the forces of wickedness, while the archangel Raphael is often associated with the power to heal. Likewise, the fire angels called the Seraphim can be seen as bastions of spiritual strength whose examples can serve to inspire similar passion in those who perceive them. In the end, the sheer range of angels makes for a similar range of symbolic meanings.

    • Cherubim:
      These are throne-bearers for the faithful.  Cherubim are also deemed “the ones who pray.”  They keep constant vigil upon souls in need of strength, faith and renewal.  These types of angels represent purity of heart and innocence.  They invoke a simple, childlike faith and will remind us of the beauty in the small and tender.

    • Seraphim:
      These angels are considered to be the light-burners, and will be watchful over the true of heart.  These angels are the watchtowers of faith.  They keep their focus attuned to the faithful, vigilant and determined souls who hunger for the truth of enlightenment.  These angels will also stir the pools of energetic faith within the soul.  They are like kindling for the fires of faith.  They provide fuel on our spiritual path.
    • Archangels:
      Among the highest ranking angels, these are the most commonly known angels.  Symbolic angel meanings for this angelic clan deal with strength, protection, guardianship.  These angels will represent themselves as indomitable, warrior spirits.  These angels are also the best known oracles.  Archangels will be very persistent and loquacious in communicating their thoughts to humankind, as typically their messages are incredibly profound.

Angel wings

Most of the time, but not all, angels appear with wings. Generally, angel wings are associated with the spiritual, a higher evolution of the soul, higher realms of existence or ascension. They can also be a symbol of good luck or protection against evil, or symbolise hope, enlightenment, guidance and protection.

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