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Will Robots Replace Teachers: Pros And Cons On Robotic Teaching

Will Robots Replace Teachers: Pros And Cons On Robotic Teaching

Robots are the next big thing on the board. And, why not, when almost every aspect of life has been associated with the latest in technology, how could education the framework of the future, the backbone of the society, the requisite of a promising life – stay aloof from the branch of robotics.

So, this soon to establish a novel paradigm is associated with Artificial Intelligence.

At the annual OEB education technology conference, held in Berlin, Dr. Tarek Besold mentioned that the creativity of a robot has been portrayed by joke writing computer. At the same time, it explained the capacity of robots to pursue repetitive and factory-floor tasks.

But, can teachers be replaced by robots?

Imagine a few years from now, walking into a classroom, to meet the robotic teachers. Sounds fun, sounds interesting and at the same time unreal!

Experiment portraying a digital teacher

Jill Watson – was deployed as a teaching assistant, at the Georgia Tech University in Atlanta for a postgraduate course. For all those of you thinking, that Jill Watson conducted the experiment, the fact is that it was the subject. So, Jill Watson – was a robot. It helped students to answer the queries through an online forum. However, the cyber identity of the robot was not revealed.

And did the students like it?

Well, the students had no issue in asking their queries from Jill, however, they did notice that the new assistance was more prompt than others. In fact, it never got bored or tired ever.

While the robotic enthusiasts must be smiling away at the attributes noted as above, here are some pointers which are worth pondering on:

  • Well, definitely the fact, that the robot is a computer generated makes sure that not a single question goes unanswered, but, what about the adaptability to knowledge. That is of immense significance in the real world.
  • What about the emotional attachment! There are always the teachers which are more than just educators to you. They are the mentors. There is the factual insight and empathy associated. What about these traits?
  • Moreover, would the robot aid in the investigation or imbibe thinking aptitude in children?

Immense is left for speculation and improvisation.

Experiment of Pearson Education company

  • Pearson is the name in the field of global education. An experimental project is being conducted by them which are utilizing The Watson system.
  • A digital education project is being tested which inculcates an interactive textbook, an automated tutor and an online course.
  • A Watson-powered robot helper is integrated into the system of the student following lessons on the computer screen.
  • This particular project is presently in the laboratory phase.
  • However, since the Pearson and IBM have signed a partnership, novel steps and result are expected.
  • Yet again, it is not a replacement of a conventional teacher.
  • It is simply an amalgamation of online course, revision tutorial, testing and feedback on the same place.

Automation is definitely advancing. There is a high chance, that it could destroy jobs. But, then there is still a lot left in the hands of the users. Whether to let technology empower the masses or get empowered by the technology!


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