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Why Do We Get Stung By Bees and Wasps?

Along with a perfect spring weather, silky grass and amazing blossoming trees the new arrival of fresh bees and wasps might be a small issue that bothers us people. Do you remember how our parents always tell us don’t try to kill the bee or a wasp, otherwise the rest of the family will attack you. Have you ever wondered why it happens?

Basically the insects sting only when they feel the threat and we are mostly attacked by those who live in large hives. Surprisingly or not, only the female bees and wasps are able to sting.

The American Chemical Society had presented a video , explaining what exactly is happening with pheromones, and how every single wasp sting is like an alarm for the rest of the team to attack the humans if they get too close.

Another advice from the parents is actually working: to stay still without any move in case the bee or a wasp has landed on you. It is true, as nothing disturbs the insect and they get bored with the same scent.

So the main issue is that the wasps and the bees use the alarm pheromones to warn the rest of the army about the coming danger, so if you want to enjoy the nature together with the bees – stay away from them!


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