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Wake Up Inside Your Dreams With The Innovating Device

Many of us can’t even properly remember the dream we had last night, the others don’t recall whether they saw black and white or colorful dreams. Some of us wish to be able to know in the dream that this is actually a dream and somehow wake up inside of it. Thanks to a new device it became possible. The invention promises the sleepers to realize they are dreaming, so they can take part in the events happening in the dream and do basically whatever they want.

The weirdest part is, the device even promises that people will be able to stimulate their brains into a lucid dream state and enter into someone else’s dream. you really want to know what it is going on in the mind of your beloved ones and friends while they are asleep? And is it actually possible in reality, or it is a sort of a dream?
The new device is called the Lucid Dreamer and belongs to the Neuromodulation Technologies B.V., the company is trying now to raise the funds to hit off the projects. There is a basic Lucid Dreamer Essential consisting of two frequencies of brain stimulation, and there is also a Pro version, which has a wider choice of stimulation frequencies. There is also a Connect, which belongs to the Pro version and has a special application that allows the user to notify another Lucid Dreamer that they are now on a lucid dream adventure and can actually try to enter each other dreams.

The term “lucid dream” was first used in 1913 by Frederik van Eeden, who identified it as a dream during which the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming and can even interact with people and influence the course of the dream. Nowadays there are many training programs to help people influence their lucid dreams through certain mental exercises. But Dr. Derk Mulder and Dr. Andre Keizer, the inventors of new device claim that Lucid Dreamer does the whole work for you. You simply attach the device to your forehead and set up electrodes in designated areas. As soon as you fall asleep, the Lucid Dreamer wakes up. The device has advanced algorithms which detect when exactly you fall asleep. These algorithms use electric signals which are gamma waves. Once the waves are detected, the device emits stimulation to increase them and in this way wakes up conscious mind to participate in the dream. The technology was based on a study conducted in 2014 by Ursula Voss, who showed that enhancing gamma activity caused lucid dreams 77% of time.

So far the device has been tested only on its developers, but they assure that it is safe to use and it is nothing like electroshock therapy. Though there are concerns, that even if Lucid Dreamer actually puts you into the lucid dream, you anyway have to learn on your own how to get involved into it.

And don’t forget about the application, that allows user to “connect a dream friends and try to dream together”. Here your Lucid Dreamer will sync up with the time of stimulation and setting of your friend. So basically you will share a dream, but it doesn’t mean that you will actually go inside each other’s dream. But developers claim that it is possible. Well the answer is definitely there, and now we can try it out with the new technology.


source: mysteriousuniverse

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