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There Is A Strange Purple Orb Found On California Seafloor

The sea and ocean floor are rich in flora and fauna giving the marine biologists a whole field of work, but the latest weird object was captured by the Nautilus Exploration Program,where  the video shows the bright purple blob resting on the seafloor  and scientists have no clue what is that.

The Ocean Exploration Trust’s Nautilus research vessel has just finished its trip in California’s Channel islands, while the area is more known as the Galapagos of the North, thanks to its remote location and truly rich nature. The islands belong to the national marine sanctuary, but there is not too much information available about its seafloor, how is the region handling the climate change and which creatures exactly inhabit the area.

While the camera was exploring the seafloor of the islands, it zoomed on one weird object, which was definitely made of two distinct objects and has a bright purple color. But no matter how close the camera moved, the object didn’t really want to share its secrets.

But thankfully, the skillful robot’s am collected the strange object so the scientists will have lots of time to explore and learn the new unknown creature. The team asked also for advice from the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, and the only guess is that this is a sort of knobbly, globular sea slug, that is called pleurobranch, though nothing is confirmed yet. Until the scientists are looking for the answer, we definitely know that there are some purple creatures on the bottom of California seafloor.


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