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The World’s Deepest Underwater Sinkhole Was Found In China

The scientists have recently discovered the so called world’s deepest underwater sinkhole in the South China Sea. Locals call it “Dragon Hole”  or an “eye” and it is 300 meters deep according to the researchers, who spent there the whole year exploring the area.

The size of the sinkhole was measured by a special underwater robot with a depth sensor, used by the scientists from the Sansha Ship Course Research Institute for Coral Protection.

The blue hole is a home for the more 20 different species of fish inhabiting the upper part of the sinkhole, while 100 meters below, where is not that much oxygen, there is hardly any life can be found.
Blue hole initially is a huge sinkhole or a cave system in the ocean, which is visible from the surface.

Before it was believed that the Blue Hole in Bahamas is the largest one in the world, having a depth of 660 feet.

Now the Sansha city government has promised to complete all the measures in order to protect and study the blue hole in South China sea.


featured image: globalnews

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