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The Mystery Of Where Complex Life Came From Is Solved

The Mystery Of Where Complex Life Came From Is Solved

The mystery about where the complex life came from has found new answers. It may sound something from the Norse Mythology but the new evidences show that the complex life form on the Earth that includes the Humans have evolved from Asgard which is a large group of microbes that once were found all over the world. The microbes were named after the gods of Norse Mythology and were known as Thor, Odin, Loki and Heimdall. A new study also suggests that we all have evolved from a family tree which they were also part of. They may be also our oldest ancestors.

The debate regarding the existence and formation of complex life is raging since centuries. In our planet Earth, there are three kingdoms of life. One is bacteria, second is archae that includes extremophiles and thermophiles, and the third is eukaryotes. We belong to the third kingdom which includes all other life forms like animals, multi-cellular living organisms, protest, fungi and many more. Eukaryotes are not only complex but are also newer as compare to the other two kingdoms. The other two kingdoms have risen around 3.7 billion years after the planet was formed while eukaryotes have risen roughly after another 1.5 billion years or so. But their existence is still unknown.

eukaryotesA eukaryote is an organism with complex cells, or a single cell with a complex structure. In these cells the genetic material is organized into chromosomes in the cell nucleus.

Some hypothesis also state that the symbiotic relationship between the bacteria and the archae led to the formation of eukaryotes. The bacterium that was involved in the process was said to be of class alphaproteobacteria which ended as mitochondria over time but the archae that swallowed the bacteria is still unknown. There are many questions that arise in such situation that whether the archae was a primitive archaeon or it has already become complex? Was symbiosis the cause of eukaryotism or were the consequences of it?


Many experiments and discoveries were done and the bacteria were not actually found but traces of their DNA were found which revealed that they were the closely living relatives of the eukaryotes. They found Lokiarchaeota or Loki and Thorarchaeota or Thor in different places. They have continued their discoveries and named the others after the Norse gods Heimdall and Odin. They also discovered a Superphylum which they named Asgard and the complex life form has either evolved form it or are closely related to it.

By using new methods, genome data from the microbes are unable to be grown in the laboratory and a new archaeal group is discovered which is related to the host cell. The finding of these DNAs is very significant and contains various surprises and many unexpected complexity. The researchers are still working to discover new specimens and species and are moving to the remotest of areas where they can find traces of original cells. It will help them get better idea about their looks, characteristics and complexity. They will also follow the process very closely to find new things that will give answers to such questions and they can grow Asgard cells and can study them under the microscope.

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