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The Future Of Anti-Ageing Is Already On Its Way !

The dream of many women and men to reverse and slow down the aging process may come true already in the nearest future. The researches in lucrative area are moving on extremely fast and last month new “second skin” has been tested, that can literally erase wrinkles for 24 hours. Isn’t it what we all wanted?

Dr Nazif Alic from the University College London’s Institute for Healthy Ageing says that for the last 40 years ageing process was something static and couldn’t be moulded at all. But with the recent news, experts are hoping that the lab grown organs will arrive to the local hospitals on regular basis, there will a chance to edit the genes in order to delete the decease and as a result longer life.

The researchers from Massachusetts Institute developed the “second skin” which is a silicone-based transparent layer able to cover wrinkles and eye bags, making skin smoother and firmer and elastic. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. The who product consists of two creams, which you have to apply one after another and let it dry until the film. After 24 hours you can safely peel it off.

After few attempts to recreate the skin in laboratories which ended up with fail, as the skin didn’t breathe enough and couldn’t survive longer than few hours, this new invention might be a real possible future. It might be the revolution not only in the field of cosmetics, but also can deliver medicine, by absorbing with the skin and treat the wounds or various kind of diseases.

It is still uncertain when the second skin will see the market, but the some rumours talk about 2017, which is almost here!

According to Dr Agus, the DNA will be possible for editing in the next five years. The Editas Medicine claimed to be the first lab to do such operations and genetically edit DNA of patients suffering from genetic conditions. It is possible thanks to the new cutting edge gene-editing technology Crispr (Clustered). It is a natural occurring defence mechanism, used by bacteria that with the help of technology will erase mutated areas of DNA. Dr Agus compares to the scissors: Crispr will cut out the defect parts of DNA and replace them with new, healthy ones.

And now, let’s have a look into ten years from now. The new brand of Gin will carry a name of Anti-AgeGin and will be distilled with drinkable collagen to cut some years back, the Cambridge scientists promise it will keep our skin young. Though the anti ageing pills are not yet ready, Dr Alic says, they are already on its way- they are available now in the form of drugs, which are used for treating other conditions, but showed anti ageing effect already. For example, last year the team of Dr Alic found out that the fruit fly who was given cancer drug lived 12% longer that usual, and last month another team found the drug lithium which is usually prescribed for people with bipolar disorder can increase your lifespan up to 18 %.


But, we don’t stop here and move twenty years ahead, promising us lab grown hearts and kidneys. If you remember the year of 2008, when Bristol University Scientists scientists grew a windpipe from stem cells in the lab and transplanted it to the woman who is alive and well.

Britain Growing Body

Besides growing windpipes, regenerative medicine specialists managed to grow human muscles, bones and ear tissue and implant it into animals and humans as well. What is astonishing about embryonic stem cell is its ability to grow into any cell of the body, meaning that it is possible to grow larger organs like kidneys and hearts. Even though it is far from today, but the researches are working on it.

What does it mean for the future generations? That in 20 or more years, if anybody has a kidney or heart failure they might get a new one grown in the lab. No more waiting for donors which is always a shortage of. Plus, anti aging pills and no more wrinkles problem, the world is on the new stage of development!


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The Future Of Anti-Ageing Is Already On Its Way !
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  • Thanks for this news. Actually I was unaware about it.
    It would be wonderful, if laboratory skin will hide our wrinkle, dark circles or other skin spots. However, Everything is possible if scientist can do it. People who want to remain young forever, it is a very good news for them.