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War On Superbugs: Scientists Have Found A Way To Reverse Antibiotic Resistance

War On Superbugs: Scientists Have Found A Way To Reverse Antibiotic Resistance

Health is imperative. Even, if you have all the money in the world to avail best of the luxury, it is bad health which will make sure that you do not enjoy it. This implies that you have to keep health as a priority. There is one more implication and it is with regards to the apt diagnosis and the right sort of medication. But, what can be done if an individual is affected from a superbug.

You must have definitely heard about the term!

However, since the entire article centers around it:-

Superbug is a strain of bacteria which has become resistant to antibiotic drugs.

War On Superbugs: Scientists Have Found A Way To Reverse Antibiotic ResistanceIn a large population of bacteria, there may be some cells that aren’t affected by an antibiotic due to natural resistance or chance mutations.

What is the impact of it?

Since, the superbugs are resistant to drugs, it becomes really tedious to treat for such diseases. This implies that the individual, who is infected, does not get cured easily.

In fact, there has been the case of this one lady, who died from an infection caused by a superbug which was resistant to every kind of drug.

And again, the United Nations have deemed the superbugs to be a “fundamental threat”. The prediction is that it is bound to kill 300 million people by 2050.

Needless, to say that the researchers have been busy in making amendments to the superbugs, trying to find a way out! So, that more people are cured from diseases. And indeed just recently there has been a breakthrough in this field.

War On Superbugs: Scientists Have Found A Way To Reverse Antibiotic ResistanceThe resistant bacteria are left to produce, creating more bacteria that are not affected by the drug. The body’s natural defences struggle to deal with the onslaught, which can be seen here, as MRSA bacteria overwhelm a white blood cell (red).

What is the breakthrough?

  • The researchers have been able to develop a molecule that has the ability to reverse antibiotic resistance in multiple strains of bacteria right away.
  • The scientists have fabricated a molecule that has the ability to attack an enzyme which makes the bacteria resistant.
  • So, in a nutshell the molecule has such capability, that it reverses the antibiotic resistance.
  • And, then it allows using the medications which have been useless due to resistance.

It will be interesting for the readers to know, what the lead researcher Bruce Geller, Oregon State University has to say about it-“We’ve lost the ability to use many of our mainstream antibiotics,” he further ads-“Everything’s resistant to them now. That’s left us to try to develop new drugs to stay one step ahead of the bacteria, but the more we look the more we don’t find anything new,”

He says- “So that’s left us with making modifications to existing antibiotics, but as soon as you make a chemical change, the bugs mutate and now they’re resistant to the new, chemically modified antibiotics.”

This is what ensured making of the new molecule, which could alter the resistance.

Indeed the new breakthrough has been witnessed as an imperative alteration to the way things have been going on. This was really the need of the present. It is one very important research, which will ensure better health and a better life.

And this does rekindles the hope, that sooner or later more antibiotics, newer drugs and much more effective molecules will be developed which will enhance the life, make people disease free and ensure faster cure.

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