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Remains Of Mysterious Ancient Lost City Discovered Beneath A Forest

Remains Of mysterious Ancient Lost City Discovered Beneath A Forest

NASA is mainly known for solar system and further space exploration, but now it has turned its instruments onto Earth to discover the wreckage of a 10, 500-year-old lost city inhabited by an ancient tribe.

Using laser-based special equipment to zoom in on the ancient site space enthusiasts have found the outline a remarkable settlement beneath a forest.

Now NASA has used to tech to discover “hints of the fossils and bones hidden below the surface” near the Beaver River, in Oklahoma.

It is believed a Stone Age tribe once lived in the area and funnelled bison into narrow dead-end gullies before slaughtering them in a bloody frenzy.

NASA’s sophisticated tools have “been useful in delineating where we need to concentrate our efforts,” said archaeologist Lee Bement.

“It saved us a lot of time and effort.”


spinoff_teledyne_optech3bNASA used laser technology to find a hidden ancient city under a forest
spinoff_teledyne_optech2A massive team has decamped there to further explore the ancient city

The remote-sending device is called lidar and was used to detect evidence of “snow” falling onto the surface of the Red Planet. 

“You’ll never find bison bones with airborne lidar, but you can find the geological features that suggest a place to look,” said Meg Watters, a remote sensing expert.


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