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Octopus And Alien – Is There A Resemblance?

Octopus and Alien - Is There A Resemblance?

If you are a sci-fi movie enthusiast, ‘Arrival’ must have soothed your mind. Somehow, a sci fi movie, with the extraterrestrial creature and actors trying to save the world is all – the need of a perfect picture.

However, this movie raised a different question as well. The aliens in this cinema were depicted as heptapods. They are indicative of the most intelligent Earth life – cephalopods.

If you have seen the movie, you exactly know the relation. The aliens in the movie did everything which the cephalopods do.  The shape of their body, their tentacles and the squirting of the ink! Each of these manages to relate the audience with octopus.

But, why octopus! Indeed, with innumerable species in the world, why is it most hassle free aspect, to pick up the octopus and witness it as an alien?

Octopus and Alien - Is There A Resemblance?The idea of the alien octopus has shown up many times in science fiction

Well, if you are pondering on the same grounds. Here are some amazing attributes about this creature:

  • Even, when there is the fact, that you love to swim, you are a pro at water surfing or deep sea diving is your favorite pastime; you cannot obliterate the fact that the oceans are the perfect epitome of alien life.
  • It is the atmosphere where you cannot breathe.
  • And again, it is the perfect place which gives rise to creature beyond where your imagination can take you.
  • The octopuses use tools.
  • They love to play.
  • Simply Google the word ‘octopuses’ and you will be surprised to know that they can solve problems and puzzles.
  • Just, when you thought that you are done, it is the octopus, which can engage in warfare with the most improved weapons.
  • The scientists have ascribed them to have consciousness. Yes, you read that right!
  • These are one of the smartest creatures with a very fast learning ability.
  • And again, when in distress they can harm themselves (you could not have imagined that an animal would do it!).
  • Another captivating attributes about the octopuses is the thoughtful actions of their arms, even when it is separated from their body. So, next time you are going for that deep sea diving, you know that you have to be careful with these cephalopods.
Octopus and Alien - Is There A Resemblance?Octopus is one of the smartest creatures with a very fast learning ability

Whenever the mention is with respect to the smartness of an animal or the close resemblance to humans, the somehow majority of individuals have had the one name in their mind, and that is apes. Indeed, even when cephalopods have such remarkable attributes they do not resemble human nature at all.

For instance:

  1. Cephalopods live for a lesser span of time.
  2. They are antisocial.

These two are the major acumen that no one has ever thought about the fact, that cephalopods could represent the aliens. In accordance with the historian, Eddie Bullard-

“I’ve seen no more reports of tentacles on UFO aliens than I could count on my fingers,”

Somehow there is an assurance of the fact, that aliens look, at least a little like humans. Hence, there is less chance that any more movies will ever portray a cephalopod as an Alien!

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