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If DNA Is A Software, Who Wrote The Code?

If DNA Is A Software, Who Coded It?

DNA is a sequence and more importantly, it resembles to a coded software according to the researchers. Human body is a bundle of intriguing concepts and one of which is the DNA.

New study claims that DNA is actually a proper sequence of codes that derive the action in the body. But, the question is, if this is a some kind of software or programme, then who wrote the code? To throw more light, the ideas from Deepak Chopra’s most recent book ‘You Are the Universe’, co-authored with Menas Kafatos, PhD, are referred.

The Mystery Of DNA

If DNA Is A Software, Who Coded It?Ask yourself, if DNA is software, where did it come from? And then let the question seep deeply into your awareness.

DNA is mysterious as much as the pyramids are, because it literally works as an “organic programming language”. Also, in a video, by geneticist Juan Enriquez on TED he claims that ‘apple is an application; when the sun hits it the program executes, and the apple falls from the tree’. Some of the researchers believe that the DNA has some identical properties with computer software or programming codes. For example, by extracting the meanings of  A, C, T, and G, which represent chemicals or proteins, the researchers could resurrect extinct species by “copying and pasting” DNA code.

If DNA Is A Software, Who Coded It?

When DNA’s sequence is compared with some of the advanced programming codes, it apparently can be inferred that it is a product of mind, and not just another evolutionary event. The scientist Deepak Chopra, allegedly believes that DNA is a thing that happened in consciousness, and it is a construct of the mind. Everything arises from mind, where mind is being referred to as consciousness and not body.

Virtual Reality

If DNA Is A Software, Who Coded It?DNA codes resemble the computer coding language

Virtual reality gives different perspectives and projections, such as ‘The Universe is a Hologram’ in new cosmological theories among techies, but it again comes around the fact that whatever we know, is the construct of mind. Like how softwares are protected as intellectual properties, we all protect our minds like that.

Other recent discoveries such as the vast “invisible” portions of the electromagnetic spectrum and the movement of information wirelessly, have taken us part of the way there. One of the examples of our materially constructed view of reality is the hierarchy or mind, when we see Cetaceans that have brains larger than ours and so the measure of their intelligence is probably greater than ours. It also points towards the fact that there might have been more advanced mind far more powerful than ours.

Artificial intelligence is currently being used to finally attempt to use dolphin language (sonar and clicks) to actually communicate with these amazing creatures. But if we can posit some sort of hierarchy of intelligence, then to code our intelligence, it requires a massive mental power. In this case, it could be said that intelligence or mind runs our body and you are who you think. This also means that intelligence or mind predates the body.

The mystery of DNA is highly compelling and like this, there are still a lot of subjects in science that grabs a researcher’s interest and engross them completely.

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