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Food Of The Future: Edible Delicious Food Packaging

One of the new ways to keep food fresh and eliminate the plastic waste is the WikiCells, which makes food packaging edible and even part of the seasoning of the food.


Plastic waste has been among the biggest environmental issues of modern society and making edible packaging is actually a great solution. And Dr. David Edwards is currently working on this project. This is not the first project of Doctor, he moved to WikiCells – edible packaging technology after creating Breathable Foods and an energy capsule.
WikiCells project has begun few years ago in collaboration with French designer Francois Azambourg on an edible bottle, which uses natural packaging for more artificial packaging.


The concept of Wikicells is that you are englobing liquid, foam or anything in a soft membrane held by food particles which are connected by electrostatic charges to each other and to small amount of natural polymer. The soft membrane can be surrounded by harder egg like shell if you like, for example something made of chocolate, algae or rock candy. Just to make the picture more clear: orange juice placed in orange membrane, hot chocolate placed inside the chocolate membrane. Based on the reports from Lab Store visitors, the taste of such membranes is tasty enough, so the current issue is stability in an uncontrolled environment and taking it out at scale.
As for the hygiene, the process is the same like with washing a usual fruit, so people should wash their WikiCell products before consuming.

Now Doctor Edwards is planning to design machines specially for restaurants and companies which are eager to manufacture their own products and skip the traditional packaging.


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